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Cooking. The way I would for others for me. So that one day when I’m cooking for crowds or a family I eat the same foods I prepare for them without fear. Because the idea of eating and cooking dinners with Johnny again makes me so happy, and I KNOW that that is way I can GLORIFY my God. Some of the things I want to cook myself:

  • Pancakes
  • Chicken soup
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Omelette
  • Something with a bagel
  • A dessert

^SO not Ed’s choices.
Bible Study. I have *basically* now read the entire Bible, as of this past weekend. I say basically because, while I now do know its chronology, more history and context, and am quite familiar with it, I have yet to read it completely from beginning to end, and that is so important. Plus, I will be studying and praying over it, the Holy Spirit revealing new things, till I die.
Weight Gain. There’s no beating around it; I need to gain 12 pounds to be in the healthy weight range. I need to take the option of Homewood seriously. I need to stop pushing help aside. I am confused about all this.

Tap. I am taking tap at Laurier come January and I am SO EXCITED! I used to be a professional tap dancer and miss it more than I can put words to. I am so excited to pick this up again and grow even more in it.
Writing. The past couple days, I have really felt a spiritual pull toward writing a book about eating disorder recovery. I certainly am not in a totally credible place to do that right now, but I really feel called to do this one day. 
Decorating. Maddie, Mary, and I want to do lots of DIY house decor projects over the winter break to brighten up our lovely home! I feel so at home here, but want to continue to give this place the care and effort we all deserve!

Better with Technology in General. I am an awful texter. Like, awful. I have to plan times throughout the week to sit and respond to my buildup of texts, which is just brutal. At the same time, I often feel convicted of spending too much time on social media in a distracted/procrastinating way. So if I am on my phone, I might as well be getting back to people, and just using social media in terms of my food aesthetic and to check up on loved ones and occasionally watch funny videos.
More sleep. I am definitely lacking in sleep and time for myself through my current schedule. I am constantly so busy and drained, that whenever I have a free moment I just want to sleep or I get anxious. 
Smaller course load. Because I took a course this past summer, I decided to just take a 4-course semester next term as this one has been crazy. I’m going to cut my Starbucks hours down as little as possible since I’m already teaching g dance two nights a week and then will work full time in the summer hopefully. 

More time for friends. Friends are relationships are so  important to me, and expressing love for others is such a sign of where Christ is in us, I believe. I have definitely not had the time to show this love or made all the effort I should have this semester and want to make sure that I’m making that effort. 

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