Day-Maker. Today I had a free drink on my Starbucks card (a barista who still frequents Starbucks when I’m not working, that I am), and in the midst of stirring and lidding my coffee a man so genuinely complicated my jacket, joked with me in just such a personable and human connection kind of way that it wasn’t “authentic” enough when I told him I got it at Winners, told me he hoped I had an extra special day. It was just so nice. 
Little Wins. Speaking of which: my coffee was a venti half caf Americano with 1 pump MOCHA and room for soymilk. This drink is unpleasant to “Ed” in three different ways, but totally pleasant to me, and I know this voice is nothingness and putting it down is giving me a new sense of ease that I’ve never had. 
What’s Cookin? I’ve been trying to bring all sorts of new things into my kitchen. I baked eggplant the other night, I’m eating sunflower seed butter again, more beef, pasta dishes, smoothie bowls. Really just trying to think outside the box with my OWN food, and not just what I cook for others. 

Semester’s End. I have exactly 3 more big essays, 1 presentation, and 3 exams left. This feels like nothing as compared to the last few weeks, and I feel so in need of the upcoming break! Just over two weeks till Johnny is back…❤️

#Movember but still 😍

Jacqueline. Ah, this girl has been an indescribable blessing in my life over the past few months. Coming out of nowhere (well, not nowhere; she has connections to many of Johnny’s friends and that is how we met), our friendship is so special and real and good. She is such a beautiful sister in Christ and in accountability and I love spending time with her! 
Christmas Shopping. Is so much fun! Most of it so far has been at Chapters and Starbucks, what a concept haha (oh no Kathryn, I’m turning into you).
Starbucks. Oh, speaking of… I love my job more and more every day. Like just genuinely adore who I work with, customer interactions both with regulars and strangers, becoming better at making beautiful and delicious drinks. I love it. 
Dance Teaching. Tonight was my Tuesday classes’ last classes of the fall session, and so they showcased their final dances. I have not had a year of teaching yet in which I made SO many special relationships and connections with the kids, and I feel so blessed and learn so much from these kids every day. They are beautiful and made me so proud! My parents came to watch the last class, which was oddly emotional in a wonderful way, too. 
Hair Toning. If you’re looking for a product to keep the brass out of your hair and make it ashier, look no further than Daddy-O Shampoo from Lush. This has worked better than anything I’ve ever used and is so gentle and pigmented. Just use a super moisturizing conditioner with it! 

Burnout. The past month, since addressing my innate go-go-go personality and how they might be detrimental to me with my councillor, I have found SO much peace and LIFE in my busyness that I thought impossible and I feel so grateful now for the busyness. I’m genuinely so happy and feeling more myself each day. 

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