It’s who You are, It’s who You are and we are so loved by you, Lord.
Your Love is who I am, who I place I my identity in.

my beautiful family

Today, the testimony of how the Lord has worked through my life for His glory was filmed, alongside my beautiful Kathryn.

I talked about family, I talked about friends, I talked about Johnny, I talked about God. 
Mostly, we both shared our awe in prayer and in worship of how our God never stops to get at our hearts and loves all of us so much. 
so much joy, always with this one

The testimony is to His goodness and glory, and tells of what He’s shown us.
And one of the most fundamental parts of that is: He provides resources.
He works through people like my beautiful sister, and the rest of my amazing family.

He shines in friends; Daniella has been my constant since I was 13.

He’s taught me so much through Johnny, who loves me so well

Yesterday, before my shift at work, I broke down. My head was a mess of bad thoughts. I was over analyzing food. 
I have eaten more in the past three days than I have in months. This is so good, and I KNOW it is good! Yes I do!
But yesterday I had one of those broken moments. And guess what? Those broken moments are constant. We are always broken. Our God isn’t. His perfect grace is endless and all powerful and He is worthy of all worship!
I texted Maddie and Mary. I asked for prayer. And they called me, and together we prayed and they prayed over me and that the Lord would reign His light over my clouded mind and man, He gave them the words. Last night was such a great shift. And when I took my break, I found the strength to pray and seek the Lord. He gave me a joyful and focused heart and removed the anxious thoughts. 
Prayer is so powerful and important. 
Friends, resources, are so powerful and important. He works through us as vessels.

Tonight at dinner at Kathryn’s house, graciously and deliciously made by her mom, I ate as much food as I wanted. I was focused on conversation, and not the food. I ate a night snack in front of Maddie and talking to her, and not by myself as the disorder often makes me feel I need to. 

But I say to the disorder this:^ You have no place in my life. I’m sick of you. I’m choosing happiness.
Thank-you, Jesus, for your grace. 
To all local friends: Vivid is a worship night at Creekside church in Waterloo this Sunday November 20th, starting at 7ish. Food and coffee will be there and a night of praisin and listening. Come and bring anyone you’d like! 

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