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WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: Homework and More Homework 

WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: Homework and More Homework 

HELLO friends! Today has been exceptionally beautiful. I am feeling uneasy and stressed about school, but praying and getting things done. Second year is overwhelmingly more work than first, and I am finding balance in a topsy turvy kind of way. 
This morning I awoke feeling ablur and just not in a good mindset. I knew I needed some time in the Word. I spent a ton of time reading and praying and had such peace and delight in the presence of my Saviour in then making breakfast, drinking tea, and taking my supplements. I had a biiig bowl of goat’s Milk yogurt with pb2, and chicken sausage. A very fatty meal, not Ed’s choice, and I enjoyed it very much. As I kept saying to Krystal today, “it felt so good in my tummy, even though it hurt.”
I was late to my Bible class, which was mostly in Daniel today and was really good. Following the class, I spent a few hours in a study lounge at my school catching up on papers– I have five or six on the go right now and the theses were getting jumbled in my head! Ah! I was excited all day for my stretch and technique class tonight to unwind. 
Krystal, my sister, bless her soul, took me out for the day as a birthday present. We first got brunch at Cora’s, bittersweet as we both used to work there– I had oatmeal topped with pecans and two hard boiled eggs and decaf coffee, and it was delicious! I genuinely enjoyed it and had so much peace in Christ. 

Krystal and I had such a beautiful day, getting to talk and catch up on our lives. She has truly been such a blessing and constant in my life, and I am so grateful for her. We took some fun photos in a sketchy alley, genuinely laughing our heads off. 

We headed to a few uptown vintage stores and Krystal bought me some new clothes, and a soy unsweetened mint tea latte. Ah the whole day was so great and our conversations so funny and good.

We got dinner at Freshii, and I had my fav soup and added chicken to it! It’s called spicy lemongrass and has rice noodles and tons of veg. So good.

After dinner, I spent another few hours on essays before heading to my dance class, which my beautiful friend Laura is also in. The class usually has 10 people, and today it was just Laura and I… typical of midterm season! We had a great class though. The teacher, Jacqueline, is such a blessing too. I came home after class to chill and drink tea and study for my midterm tomorrow and work on yet another assignment… off to it again. Love and hugs all around, peace of Christ and may His Spirit fill you in every sense this evening. 

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