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Book. The Devil and the Detective. I’m reading this for my Mystery and Crime Fiction class, and it is so light hearted while subtly brilliant. I’m enjoying it so much.Weather. The weather has been decently warm for this time of year the past few days where I am, and I am not complaining! I love snow and the look of it but cannot stand the feeling of cold or dampness. 
Food. I am intentionally and at attention varying my food. Recognizing the importance of that. I’m eating eggs… beef… new types of veggies and new types of nuts… these are all “little big deals,” as per Kathryn.

Coffee. I have successfully gone a week with only one coffee and one caffeinated tea a day. I am feeling pretty tired but know that will go away as I keep this up! 

Spirit. Now, there are different ways to eat and drink and dance and love and be. For many people, the act of eating is not something the involves much thought. It is a pleasure, a blessing, a time of fellowship, even. I had a revelation today in studying Proverbs 3, which speaks on fear of the Lord leading to healing. I realized that my TRUE FEAR OF AND THEREFORE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST ABOVE ALL will mean that I understand and fear His wrath over the sin/disorder, and that my motivation for eating and needs to come from Him.While everything we do should be with a glad heart and something through which Jesus can be glorified, people have this conviction in differing areas of life. Because I am passionate also about food, and believe it is a God-given passion, I pray that when I eat and talk about food He knows and smiles and whole-heartedly motivates the emphasis on which I place the importance of nourishment and says, “This is good.” I recognize that that has not been the case for some time. That He needs to increase, and the sin needs to decrease.
Hair. Oh yes, I got my ombr├ę touched up yesterday to a super white blonde! I love it. My wonderful hairdresser Pam said this is the lightest my hair will pull healthily. And that’s good with me! I’ll probably grow back to my brown at some point.

Mary. I spent most of yesterday with my housemate Mary. She spoke such wisdom over my life and we talked about how similar we are and thecways the Lord has used us in each other’s lives since the first day we spoke to each other. I am so blessed to do this chapter of life with her!

Starbucks. I am loving my job more every day. I had a great chat with one of my awesome shift supervisors a few nights ago about how feeling weak in a job and atmosphere I’m so passionate about when I first started has motivated me SO MUCH to grow as a barista/person of Christ in that place, and I really feel that has happened in a big way. 
Teaching Dance. I love this job more and more too! I have five classes currently, and have formed a relationship of some sort with each of my forty five students. So humbling to know that God can have some influence through me in their dance lives and lives in general. Today, one of my students came in exclaiming she had a gift for me she’d been working on “all week”:

Johnny. More and more my love, more clearly my best friend, who will MORE clearly always give me all butterflies and laughter and peace and cause to thank and praise my Saviour. And with His guidance and He as our everything, never comfortable, never settling, always expectant of more. 

Essays. I have so many looong essays due all at once, multiple for each class, and I am settling into this new and wonderful patience and grace for the process. I have always adored writing but especially as I am healing and more passionately and in guidance seeking the Kingdom find CLARITY in my own writing and study. What a blessing! 

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