Day-Maker. Today I had a free drink on my Starbucks card (a barista who still frequents Starbucks when I’m not working, that I am), and in the midst of stirring and lidding my coffee a man so genuinely complicated my jacket, joked with me in just such a personable and human connection kind of way that it wasn’t “authentic” enough when I told him I got it at Winners, told me he hoped I had an extra special day. It was just so nice. 

Little Wins. Speaking of which: my coffee was a venti half caf Americano with 1 pump MOCHA and room for soymilk. This drink is unpleasant to “Ed” in three different ways, but totally pleasant to me, and I know this voice is nothingness and putting it down is giving me a new sense of ease that I’ve never had. 

What’s Cookin? I’ve been trying to bring all sorts of new things into my kitchen. I baked eggplant the other night, I’m eating sunflower seed butter again, more beef, pasta dishes, smoothie bowls. Really just trying to think outside the box with my OWN food, and not just what I cook for others. 

Semester’s End. I have exactly 3 more big essays, 1 presentation, and 3 exams left. This feels like nothing as compared to the last few weeks, and I feel so in need of the upcoming break! Just over two weeks till Johnny is back…❤️

#Movember but still 😍

Jacqueline. Ah, this girl has been an indescribable blessing in my life over the past few months. Coming out of nowhere (well, not nowhere; she has connections to many of Johnny’s friends and that is how we met), our friendship is so special and real and good. She is such a beautiful sister in Christ and in accountability and I love spending time with her! 

Christmas Shopping. Is so much fun! Most of it so far has been at Chapters and Starbucks, what a concept haha (oh no Kathryn, I’m turning into you).

Starbucks. Oh, speaking of… I love my job more and more every day. Like just genuinely adore who I work with, customer interactions both with regulars and strangers, becoming better at making beautiful and delicious drinks. I love it. 

Dance Teaching. Tonight was my Tuesday classes’ last classes of the fall session, and so they showcased their final dances. I have not had a year of teaching yet in which I made SO many special relationships and connections with the kids, and I feel so blessed and learn so much from these kids every day. They are beautiful and made me so proud! My parents came to watch the last class, which was oddly emotional in a wonderful way, too. 

Hair Toning. If you’re looking for a product to keep the brass out of your hair and make it ashier, look no further than Daddy-O Shampoo from Lush. This has worked better than anything I’ve ever used and is so gentle and pigmented. Just use a super moisturizing conditioner with it! 

Burnout. The past month, since addressing my innate go-go-go personality and how they might be detrimental to me with my councillor, I have found SO much peace and LIFE in my busyness that I thought impossible and I feel so grateful now for the busyness. I’m genuinely so happy and feeling more myself each day. 




I am confused as to where I am in this place of recovery from eating disorders. Whatever that word “recovery” means. I think that is very different in a worldly, doctorly context than it is in a Kingdomly one which is all I really care about. Maybe not so different.

I’m unsure.

Realistically, I talk a lot about these disorders as though I’m very sure but maybe I need to be vulnerable again and accept help. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I am in a good place. I have pretty good energy levels and feel mostly myself, and happy. It’s only in those periods when I’m not busy and am left in my own thoughts that I feel anxious or like breaking down. 

I pray. 

What would you tell Kathryn?

Oh my word, Id tell her to accept the help. School can wait. She doesn’t want to spend another second, minute, year in this disorder. 

But me, oh my brain thinks entirely differently on the terms of me. And in a way that’s selfless, and in another way that’s entirely selfish and almost prideful. 

This disorder is not of my God.

My God has not forsaken me but saved me. Already. The victory is already won. In Him sin is put to death. 

Praying on this very truth that is earth-shattering, I ate this delicious breakfast bowl this morning of all that I was craving. I had a really good, necessary chat with my mom. I ate beef and pasta today. I drank coffee with soy milk in it. 

I also spent 6 hours on a killer essay that’s probs only worth about a 78, but we’ll hope for the best. 

And I felt on my heart, in the midst of all of it, in the midst of waiting in the all-too-familiar doctor’s office today and in the anxiety I got when I talked to my mom about the disorder and in thinking about my beautiful friendship with Kathryn and what makes it beautiful– similar to my friendship with beautiful Sara Ryan, and with my cousins who suffer with anorexia– is that I can give the disorder power so easily even just in blogging about its existence. I certainly don’t think I shouldn’t talk about my struggles, but only insofar as they pertain to Christ’s forever and already-won victory. 

This blog may look a bit different in terms of how personal it gets with the disorder, as in saying this I’ve felt some conviction in how much weight has been put on it. This is all good, as conviction is good for the Lord and so I’m so joyful about it! Continuing to pray on it and always welcoming discernment from others. 

Maybe the fact that my mental and physical health is something I have no clarity on right now is proof in itself that I need to be vulnerable. To stop being “the expert” on this. To pause and breathe and die to trying and listen to my family, my friends, doctors, ultimately the Spirit so much that that is my only “action” for a time. 

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

James 1:22 |

THOUGHTS THURSDAY: My Favourite Local Eateries

Hey! How’s it goin?
I just finished another paper and have tons more to do before the end of this semester school-wise, but it’s flying by. I thought I’d sit down (actually currently in a lecture… oops😜), and do a review post, which I haven’t done in a while.
Without further adew, here are my top 5 favourite eateries in KW region (for my local friends!)
5. Settlement & Co.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Menu: 2/5
Coffee: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: n/a
Settlement has my favourite atmosphere and vibes of all the cafes I’m listing. It has a cozy entrance, with a back room complete with tons of pillows and the look of a “greenhouse.” It is usually fairly quiet and good for studying.

I have tried both a blonde and dark coffee, and both were “meh” in my opinion. The dark not quite robust enough and the blonde too mellow and citrus. However, the almond milk latte I had was perfect, and the art on top phenomenal.

The staff are wonderfully chatty and kind and hospitable. I have not tried the food, and while the menu is not vast, the toast bar looks adorable, as do the giant cookies.

4. Thrive Energy Lab.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Menu: 4/5
Coffee: n/a
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
The fact that this place doesn’t have coffee is the only thing keeping it from higher on my list! While it’s difficult to sit in with more than one other diner because the seating is small and the tables few, Thrive’s interior is beautiful. An amazing aroma is the first thing that hits you every time.

The only thing that keeps the food score from 5/5 is that I’ve only tried a salad, which was great but not fantastic– however, all the other food looks amazing, and I’ve heard nothing but good things.

The menu isn’t huge, and is a little pricey, but the smoothies would be top of my list to try. 
The staff are always so lovely and eager to help!
3. Seven Shores.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Coffee: 4/5
Menu: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
I had a birthday breakfast here, and the staff was wonderful in putting it together. I have thoroughly enjoyed every coffee experience, and something super exciting for me is the delicious oatmeal on this menu. There are many vegan and non-vegan options, and the menu is super versatile. I ADORE the beautiful, vintage atmosphere and setting. 

The food is always delicious. 

2. Cafe Pyrus.

Atmosphere: 4.5/5

Menu: 5/5

Coffee: 5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 4/5

Cafe Pyrus has a phenomenal menu range with fantastic coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, parfaits, and baked goods. Their Americanos are excellent, and the vegan options reminiscent of childhood food. I love the grungy vibes and chalkboard menus– some portions are small, however, where others are quite large! The menu is well priced, in general, for what you get. 

1. Pure Juice Bar and Kitchen.

This place will always take the cake for me.

Atmosphere: 5/5

Coffee: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Menu: 4.5/5

I adore this place so much. The atmosphere is so sophisticated, clean, and effortful. The establishment has an air of confidence in what it is doing. The food is brilliant and organically sourced, with vegan and non-vegan options. The smoothies are excellent and worth the price, and there are tons of paleo baked goods. Every coffee I’ve had, both black and in almond milk cappuccino form, has been excellent. The staff is eager to help and well trained. And the grain boxes are so creative and tasty. 

I haven’t tried one of these acai bowls but they look phenomenal! 



Oh man. I am busy 24/7. And I love it. I thrive off business, I thrive off people and adventure, and that has been my life each day this semester and I feel so blessed.

This morning I woke early like usual so I’d have enough time for Bible study, coffee, and breakfast. And I had two pieces of organic barley raisin toast, one with pb2 and apple, and other with a poached egg. Ouf, it was delicious. I enjoyed it and was hungry for it, praise the Lord!

I got ready for the day and headed off to Bible class. Today’s lecture was on the gospels and Paul, and it was great as always. I had planned to stay at the school after the class to work on a paper, but the three hour lecture actually left me hungry! I wasn’t about to deny my body, so I walked home, running some errands on the way, and made what I felt like for lunch: a big bowl of baked oats with dates and peanut butter– it was so delicious!

I spent several hours on my paper, catching up with Maddie and cleaning the house a bit too, when I knew I needed a break. I headed to the gym as I was feeling antsy, and it really woke me up and I had tons of energy for it. I just did a weighted workout, which was good.

A health update will come after the doc’s this Monday, because I honestly have no perception of where I am physically or even mentally.

I headed back to the books– back to my paper, running into Johnny’s best friend Taylor, who made my day. Finally done my paper, I headed home in the snow and made dinner: a chicken breast with carrots and pb2 and a big bowl of goat’s Milk yogurt. Sounds so random, but it is all so good! I enjoyed this sporadic meal with tea and hung out with Laura quickly before our dance class, which was fun and challenging as always! Kevin called me afterwards and we had a supposed 5-minute turned 45-minute phone call/vent session. Kevin is so spiritually led to advocating the absurdness of women “not allowed” to be pastors, and how this goes against everything we know and that is important about the way the Holy Spirit works. He has had this on his heart since the day we met, and all my conversations with this sir are so centered and prayerful and funny. Kevin is the big bro I never had.

Today is my beautiful friend Emily’s birthday, and I got to hang with her for a bit this evening after dance too. She is such a light in my life and a light of the Lord– and yesterday she sent me this:

Today I also am missing Johnny. Rejoicing in our Father’s goodness and affirmations through this distance; crazy can’t wait to see him soon.

Overall, what can I tell you? God is so good. He is bringing peace and joy where there should be anxiety I my life, 

TOP TEN TUESDAY: My Fairy Tale Assignment

Posted late due to technical difficulties.

Hi All!

For one of my English classes, “The Fairy Tale,” I got to write a “spinoff” fairytale changing the moral and characters, and I wanted to share it on the blog– and there just so happen to be TEN key elements, in the style of TOP TEN TUESDAY. 

The Three Little Lions

Not so long ago, in a near-enough land, there lived three little lions in a dark cave with their mother. The three little lions lived a good, happy life, and were careful to listen to the teachings of their mother. Now the mother lioness was particular about what she wanted her cubs to know, and she taught them as she saw fit. 

To the first little lion, the oldest little lion, Mother instilled a roar. “If ever you see others,” she warned, “Roar, and you will be safe.” The first little lion gave a quiet roar in response, and Mother laughed. 

To the second little lion, the middle little lion, Mother informed of a scratching. “If ever you see others, scratch the air with your paws, and you will be safe.” The second little lion gently cuffed the air with his paw, and Mother smiled.

To the third little lion, the youngest little lion, Mother taught the pounce. “If you ever you see others, do not be afraid to just pounce.” The lioness’s tone was utterly serious. The third little lion cocked his head, readied his stance, and jumped into the air, gliding forward a mere few inches. Mother glanced around nervously, and then combed her nails gently through her cub’s mane. 

Mother Lion watched over her three little lions all the days of her life. But she grew tired, and weary, and one day, on a walk to the nearby brook, Mother Lion breathed her last. 

The three little lions, now just a bit less little, knew it was time to move on. The first little lion, the oldest little lion, moved his way from the dark cave to a nearby meadow. The first little lion had grown to love to use his voice, and so he sang about his way, belting out catching little tunes as he lived happily in the meadow. 

One day, the first little lion was greeted by a giant good gazelle. Remembering the wise words of his mother, the first little lion opened his mouth, inhaled sharply, and out escaped a roar that caused the flowers to rustle and the grasses to blow. “Oh my, hear how you roar!” the giant good gazelle exclaimed, unafraid, “but, wouldn’t it be much more fun to sing?”

The first little lion, confuddled and stumped, began humming one of his catchy tunes. The giant good gazelle smiled, and sang along, and the two sang so sweetly that all the heavens grinned. 

Now, the second little lion, the middle little lion, journeyed his way from the dark cave to a nearby jungle. The second little lion had grown to love climbing tall obstacles, and so he ran about his way, clinging to trees and climbing over rocks as he lived happily in the jungle.

One day, the second little lion was greeted by a giant good gazelle. Remembering the wise words of his mother, the second little lion readied his paws and moved in to scratch the gazelle. “Oh my, see how you claw!” said the giant good gazelle, unphased, “but, wouldn’t it be much more fun to climb?” 

The second little lion, bewildered and confused, proceeded to cling to one of his favourite trees, whose shade they were under. The giant good gazelle laughed, and danced her hoofs on the bark of the tree, and the two worked so hard to make their way up the tree that all the other vegetation in the jungle breathed sighs of jealousy.

Now, the third little lion, the youngest little lion, ventured his way from the dark cave to a nearby brook. The third little lion had grown to love jumping and galloping, and so he leaped and glided his way, splashing through the shallow waters, as he lived happily by the brook. 

One day, the third little lion was greeted by a giant good gazelle. Remembering the wise words of his mother, the third little lion bent his legs and scratched at the floor, and pounced through the air, landing just mere inches from the gazelle. “Oh my, see how you pounce!” the giant good gazelle gasped, excited, “but, wouldn’t it be much more fun to jump in the waves?” 

The third little lion bowed his head, wrinkled his brow, and reached a paw out to the giant good gazelle in show of apology. And wow; the gazelle really was giant! She was magnificent, soft and gentle, with hooves small but firm and horns long and lean. The giant good gazelle smiled, and joined the third little lion in splashing and smiting through the brook, so joyfully that the oceans felt the glory. 

Now, sometimes the first little lion would roar, and the second little lion would scratch, and the third little lion would pounce. And Mother Nature knew the little lions were in good hands, for they were using their lionhood for togetherness, and near the shimmering brook, one might even hear her tender sighs. 


Happy Monday!Despite a busy busy day, and kind of feeling “humanly” stressed and anxious…. I feel good and happy and warm.

Last night, the Lord’s victory over my eating disorder and how it has been used for His glory was told at a worship night. Crazy! SO MUCH prayer, from my spirit and many others’, went into this night. Kathryn and I prayed together multiple times, we gave it to the Lord, we prayed over our words, for discernment, for the souls in that place, ultimately that His name would be lifted high and that it would give others nothing but cause to praise Him.

People’s reactions and my conversations after were encouraging as such, and, despite some stressing and lots of emotion, that Kathryn and I also prayed about, I felt overwhelming peace, confirmation in obedience, and love.

If sharing a testimony of the Lord’s goodness is something you feel is on your heart, I encourage you always to pray about it and seek His wisdom and confirmation in the source of the conviction. He will make it good, He will provide answers, and He will guide you in making this story His, and the need to tell a story comes from HIM, not from any self-MOTIVATION. I also believe the telling of these stories, the vulnerability Kathryn and I submitted ourselves to will help us ultimately in healing– of course also good for Him and His Kingdom.

Something I struggled with and that Satan plagued me with immediately after filming this when I saw the footage was you should have done your make-up, done your hair, wore something better. I filmed the video after a long day of work and had had no time for any smidge of readying– and of course, this in the context of God’s work through me in telling this story means nothing!

The Lord is victorious. Here is the story.

PART 1– Cassie

PART 2– Kathryn

PART 3– Cassie & Kathryn


THOUGHTS THURSDAY: Sweet Potatoes and Testimonies


So yes I had oats for breakfast. Chocolate ones with apple and peanut butter and they were delicious😍

God’s truth judges created things out of love, and Satan’s truth judges them out of envy and hatred. DIETRICH BONHOEFFER

Today, as promised, I am sharing my recipe for secretly healthy brownie batter. You’re going to think these ingredients in brownie batter are crazy if you’ve never been introduced to them before, but trust me. This is 😍😍😍.


1 medium sweet potato, cooked and peeled

1 cup chickpeas, rinsed

1 T cacao powder

2 T stevia or other sweetener, or to taste– many will prefer more sweetness

1/4 cup almond milk

1/2 tsp salt

All you gotta do to make delicious brownie batter is place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. I topped mine with pb2. Alternatively, you can add 1/2 tsp baking soda and bake the blended batter in the oven at 375 for about 25 minutes and you’ll have delicious paleo brownies, full of micronutrients, antioxidants, finer, and protein!

I am back to the books, as I pump out essay after essay- this is the reality, it seems, of English majoring, and besides the sometimes-stress of deadlines, I love it so much and feel so in the place God needs me for His use. Ahh endless praise to my Father!

Lord, I am praying. In the ways I haven’t been all for you, reshape me. In the ways I have leaned in my own understanding rather than submitting to you, fix me. In the times that I anger and resort to stress or worry, release me. Move me every toward you, the simplest Truth and the most complex, my Father, my source of strength, my reason, kindle my heart for you that it may be on FIRE and you so evidently the source.

This week I gained just over a pound. 

Voices in me scream What are you doing this is obscene, you’ve lost all control, fight it.

And I pray, I ask the Holy Spirit to rebuke those voices, I ask for Truth. And I find peace in:

  1. I need to gain weight to get my period back because um I want children one day.
  2. 4 more pounds and I will no longer be “underweight.” And who wants to be “underweight?” I want to be strong.
  3. The number doesn’t matter. The scale doesn’t matter. The fact is, I’m healing, for my God and through my God, and it is very real and evident to me.
  4. I need to be healthier to confidently do what I love and serve the Lord I’m staying above reproach so that others don’t question my position in Christ; namely, the Lord Himself.

Again a little message to my local friends that Kathryn and I will be sharing our testimonies this Sunday at Creekside church. It is a worship night to the glory of the Lord and all All all are welcome!

Psalm 22:22 I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.

The following explains very well what a testimony is and what it isn’t. 

When giving your testimony you tell how you came to trust in Christ alone as your Lord and Savior. You tell how God opened your eyes on how you were a sinner in need of a Savior. We are sharing with others different events leading up to our salvation and how God has worked in our lives to bring us to repentance. Testimony is a form of praise and honor to Christ. We also use it as a way to encourage others. Know every time when you’re going through trials and sufferings in life, that’s an opportunity to share a testimony of how God worked in your life and made you stronger. Testimony is not only the things that we say. The way we live our life is a testimony to unbelievers as well. We must be careful not to lie and exaggerate about things. We must be careful as well that we don’t brag and glorify ourselves, which is what some people purposely and unknowingly do. Instead of talking about Jesus they use it as an opportunity to talk about themselves, which is no testimony at all. I’m pretty sure you heard people even bragging about their past life before Christ as if it were cool… 1 JOHN 5:11 “This is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is found in His son.” 

Even after the testimony has been prayed over and filmed, I am continually giving that day over the Lord that He might do with the video what He needs, and shine through His victory, Kathryn and I knowing that this is not about us, meaning we have no reason for personal nerves or worry but only reason to reckon and pray over the Truth that Jesus has reigned victorious in my life and makes for in every life!