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Treasures in Heaven

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. MATTHEW 6

One of my classes currently is on the book of Matthew, and I have been, in addition to the readings and course work, called to devote a lot of prayer time over the Sermon on the Mount, which I’ve also read many times before.
The sermon talks much about our “reward in Heaven.” And this passage on our treasures… I understand that any treasure on this earth means nothing. Any physical, worldly treasure, and often the devil starts to tick tick tick away at my head and make “treasures” out of calorie counting, idols out of “planning ahead,” the Spirit intercedes with Come to me. Let me lead. 
He doesn’t get frustrated.
He always loves.
Lord, I am in awe of you. 
Here are ten things that the were not in “my plans” that allowing the Spirit to intercede with led to an, of course, much better plan.
Chat with Mary. All in a ball of stress today, when I came home from a study session and a midterm, I anxiously started making lunch. The Spirit was in the middle of renouncing a voice telling me not to add some carrots to my lunch when Mary popped out of her room and gave me a big smile and an even bigger hug. She has been away on a trip to different places in Europe for two weeks, and seeing her was so beautiful, but also set off stress. You don’t have time to hear about Mary’s trip, you have so much studying to do. 
But Mary said, “Can I give you your birthday gift?”
She had a beautiful post card with a long note and a notebook and key chain for me, and I was so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. We proceeded to talk all about her trip and the ways the Spirit had been working on our hearts the past week and I just dove into what the Lord needed in the conversation. Maddie came out of her room later in a similar stressed state and we all ended in a massive hug and with big smiles and hearts softened by our Lord. Man, He is so good.

Midterm. I had an 80 minute midterm today that consisted of two 5 paragraph essays on topics we had not been given prior to the exam. When I got the midterm, I felt a sense of stress and readied myself to pray, when the enemy interceded saying You don’t have time to pray, just get to it.
I heard the Lord smile, and say, Actually, that is all you have time for. I am all that makes anything you do on this earth a treasure. So I prayed:

Lord, show me how to glorify, honour, and serve you in these essays the way you see fit. I pray that by your will your Spirit would intercede and produce work that pleases and praises you. Amen.

Kenya. Sunday night at work, both Kenya and I talked about how important it was that the two of us caught up and supported one another in our busy time. The only free time for both of us in the coming week was yesterday morning, but we were both laughingly hesitant at the thought of a missed chance to sleep in. She is such a light, and I knew any time with her would be so good… and it was. She brightened me so much, and we shared things with one another that I think helped the other in a way that she didn’t know she needed.

Answering the Phone. Last night after birthday dinner for my little sister, I felt convicted of drawing attention to myself and allowing the disorder to take over. I felt so badly afterwards, when I went home and made myself a good snack as I hadn’t had a proper dinner out. So selfish, I realized, Especially on Court’s birthday. I planned to text her, but my mom called and said, “We forgot to sing happy birthday!” So I sang over the phone from my house while the fam was over in Kitchener with cupcakes, and asked to talk to Courtney after, apologizing to her and asking her forgiveness. And then telling my mom that I was eating a good snack!
Birthday Timbits. Courtney loves when I make her vegan food, but when I only had an hour and a half of free time before her dinner last night, I wondered if I should use it for homework. I knew, though, that I would have more time for homework later that evening, and even more that baking would mean some awesome time in prayer and worship. So I made vegan cinnamon timbits (my own recipe… I’ll post here at some point)!

Phone Call With Johnny. Talking to my love is never a chore, but always something that makes me excited. The enemy is good though at making our phone calls, our only source of connection beyond text, seem like an “agenda item,” when really they are so important and furthering our relationship has been affirmed by the Lord something that is Kingdomly and good and may it always be that way! One of the things I love about Johnny is his Christ-like ability to make bad things/scary things/hardships good, even just in his sense of humour or positivity, and this is so evidently Christ in him, who is the source of all love. Tonight’s phone call was something I thought about missing in order to get chores and homework done– but it was a phone call that was so necessary and for the Lord.

House Decorating and Prayer. A few nights ago, Maddie and I took time together in prayer and warming up our home that we announce needs to just shine forth the Holy Spirit to all who enter! Both of us tired and spent, we thought about skipping the time but it was so good and to Christ’s glory.

Time with Friends at My Party. A sense of me felt for a while at my birthday party pressured to spend the whole thing floating and about with everyone, so when opportunities presented themselves to take individual time for talks and pressing in with loved ones I felt unsure. But I devoted time to individual friends and knew that those conversations in which His Kingdom might be reflected through His Holy Spirit working– Lord, I prayed, Let this be a night that glorifies You that you might be smiling over us and in us— and prayed for sensitivity over what the Holy Spirit needed.

My beautiful friend Jess from Starbucks who knows Kathryn. Don’t know the story?

Head to this Blog Post.
Carrots. I am in no way saying that eating a carrot is a big or massive deal or that I have disordered irrationalities about carrots being a large amount of food but those who have had disordered eating know that these illnesses can often manipulate the most laughable things, like making carrots seem “abnormally big.” I bought a bag of carrots a few days ago that I have reached for the past few days and been met with another voice: These are too big in size, they’re way too much food. And haven’t eaten any.
After my phone call with Johnny tonight, I spent more time in prayer and heard the enemy knocking with this carrot statement again and stood up, marched to the kitchen, and ate the biggest carrots in the bag. Lord, you were strong in me just now and I praise you for this victory!! 
Night with Beth. Tonight, Beth,one of my dearest and closest friends and I both were busy and feeling the stress of school but had made plans to hang out tonight and watch Ben and Lauren’s Bachelor spin off. We ended up chatting for a long time aboutwhat Christ has been doing in our lives and our boyfriends and all sorts of things-/ shoulda known. We did still watch the show, though. Beth is amazing and pursues Jesus so evidently with her whole heart and it is difficult to put words to how beautiful He is in her. She also wrote me a beautiful card and got me a Kate Spade journal and coffee cup for my birthday– way too thoughtful. We have gotten so much closer this year and I’m so blessed by this friendship that we have both felt declared in many ways so fruitful for The Lord.

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