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Song. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur is currently my most listened to and favourite song. It holds an unexplainably special place in both mine and Johnny’s hearts. I don’t even think either of us have been able to fully communicate that to each other in words, but the Spirit has affirmed its life in our lives, and MAN it’s cool.
Food. Goat’s Milk Yogurt is something I’ve finally been eating again. Since my allergy it’s been one of my fav foods, but the full fat content is something the devil used to scare me. Ha. It’s delicious with peanut butter and sweet potato. 

Spirit. Prayer and Conversation with the Lord. I have been lead so frequently lately to the importance of our always turning to the Spirit, actually kneeling before Him not just in repentance or worship or prayer but in so many more circumstances! To always be welcoming and recognizing His presence. He accomplishes this in us. 
Tea. Chocolate Hazelnut and Chai. Emma got me a lovely stash for my birthday, and I’ve been mixing these two together and it’s heavenly.
Dance. Teaching dance can easily have its way in not shining light. I am just feeling so strongly that I could easily “just teach” and totally ignore the Spirit’s intercession. But I don’t want to do that! Today I had some incredible genuine laughs and talks and solid and such effortful classes with all my students. I feel so blessed to get to teach these kids. 
Dad’s Birthday. My dad’s birthday is the dad after mine, so today! I had a lovely two birthday dinners in a row with my fam, and while both came with A LOT of food anxiety, with that came a ton of prayer and just leaning and listening to God, and eating very well.

Fitness. Trying to get back into the gym. Is this a bad idea? Honestly don’t know. Praying and talking with my councillor, but it feels good. All I know is that running and working out just my arms tonight with my beautiful, light-shining friend Jacqueline did not leave me feel convicted or sucked in.
Class. I’m loving my Romantics class. I usually hate poetry but I have a found a love and awe for it. I’m not good at writing it, but my prof communicates so well how the intention and invention of poetry is for the naturalistic and edited emotion of one’s soul put to rythmic prose. So beautiful. 
Kira’s Baby. My beautiful friend Kira gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jace, on my birthday. I am really looking forward to seeing her and welcoming the boy.

Oats. My new absolute favourite brand is Purely Elizabeth ancient grain oats. They cook perfectly thick and are just ah😍 to get your hands on them and start making my oatmeal recipes, plus nut butters, and TONS of other amazing products head to Natural Is Smarter… OH YAH, and help yourself to my discount code CASSIE at the checkout!

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