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WIAWToday has been beautiful. 
This morning I posted thison my Instagram. 

And oh how insignificant it is for ME to “feel” this peace that just IS… All the time there… As he is ALL THE TIME great… giving thanks to the Lord, for He is so good!
I also feel better than I have in a while about sharing with you a day of eats.
After studying Matthew this morning, I brewed my morning cup o’ joe and made breakfast: oatmeal with my homemade blueberry syrup and sunflower seed butter and tons of cinnamon. I ate whilst replying to emails and inquiries which have been flooding in lately– so cool!

Maddie, Mary and I were all on the late side this morning and were a bit rushed in getting to class but we arrived at our Bible class in due time. 

After that three hour class, I hopped on the bus to head to work. I arrived early, but not before bumping into Richard, a new Christian Studies student in the first year of the program, who spotted me from his car and offered me a ride. Richard is married with three young boys and a love, immense love of Jesus Christ. It was so cool to run into him and talk to him before work, definitely just a boost and encouragement.
Before my shift I had a light lunch of a ton of celery and cucumber dipped in sunflower seed butter, and an unsweetened soy tea latte. I know this doesn’t qualify as a meal and I genuinely wasn’t trying to restrict but rather was rushed this morning and my more substantial food would need cooking. I’m usually better with pre prepping my meals but I still ate more later!
My shift was great. Fun. I love what I do. I’m learning new things every day. Becoming more confident in the barista title, loving who I work with. 
I headed back home after my shift and was greeted warmly by all my roommates home! I often think in my head that I hope to be home alone for a bit, but am reminded of the blessing of PEOPLE. It also keeps me ACCOUNTABLE– and for dinner before dance class I made sure to energize myself; I made oatmeal with two bananas and cacao and dates, because #carbs. 
And I suppose you could have called this my snack, because after dance with Laura (which was challenging and so much fun), I crammed for two hours on an essay, and am now finishing up this very post eating spelt penne with broccoli for “real dinner.” My body is certainly healing and needing more food. The Lord is speaking to me in many different mediums to confirm this and push me along, and today I responded often. I am praising Him, and ready to rest up for another beautiful day tomorrow. 
Have a blessed night!

“Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.” 2 CORINTHIANS 5:8

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