Friends. The people surrounding me that I have the privilege of calling friends are truly blessings. Both those that have been in my life for a long time and people I’m newly meeting, I am blessed to grow alongside. I spent the majority of my weekend with Kathryn, the girl who’d found my blog, praising and in awe of Christ together in the midst of what without Him would simply seem painful and difficult. HE, ultimately, makes people the blessing that they are. On top of living with women that feel like family, that I turn to. Just witnessing the Spirit working in all my relationships and praying that HIS TRUE Spirit is who is working, and knowing that that will mean peace. 

doesnt she glow?

My 19th Birthday. I love planning other people’s birthdays, but what to do for my own? I’ve mostly been feeling like maybe I don’t want o do anything to celebrate, but have decided to use it as an excuse to bring amazing people together for breakfast (cafes are definitely my fav way to celebrate anything) hopefully a night out. 
Fall. Favourite season by a landslide. Thanksgiving is my fav holiday, and fall clothes are my favourite. As we speak I’m enjoying the comfort of a baggy sweater, messy bun, leggings and massive scarf. Oh, and a bowl of oatmeal with sweet potato because duh

NaturalIsSmarter. Excited for this company’s launch this Friday! You will not want to miss it, and I’m excited to announce that with my discount code YOU can receive 5% off your entire order from them… Saving money on all organic and natural products. When I saw what these guys sold, I literally jumped up and down. To give you a taste, here are just a handful of the products:

  • Boxed Water Is Better
  • Square Organics
  • Justin’s 
  • Wild Friends
  • RX Bar
  • Fiji Purified Water
  • Zico Coconut Water
  • Vita Coco
  • Purely Elizabeth
  • Pip Corn
  • Skinny Pop

ALL are:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Packaged with recyclables

More info is coming, but for now be sure to check out the Instagram page @naturalissmarter and website And check back here for your opportunity to get the discount!

Recovery. He wants me, and He’s pulling me. 
Grace, I’ve heard, is free and full.
Saviour heal me, or I’ll perish. 
Take it, Lord. I don’t want it. 
Bible Study. Thursday Bible Studies have been already so full of Him. We spent this last Thursday in prayer and communion with the Holy Spirit on what He has in store for the ministry and where He is calling us. Praying over the group and that He would guard us from untruths!
Class. I am continuing to love and relish English lit. I pray on each of my readings, I feel His work and revelation in what I study. It is cool, praise God!
Starbucks. I feel like such a blessed person every time I’m at work. My fellow baristas shine such light and I am floored by how many Christians I continue to meet within his company! 
Dance. This year I’m teaching three hip hop classes, a jazz class, and two ballet classes. I’m also taking a technique class at Laurier, which is already light and relaxing but improving my flexibility. 
Family. I am so blessed to have the loving people in my life that I do and I want never to take them for granted. My sisters Krystal and Courtney continue to love me so well; my parents pour unconditional love, and in certain ways that is all that matters.
Decorating. It’s so rare that I am at home, because I’m constantly busy and out! But Maddie with our consideration kindly went out and bought some decor for our home. Every time I come into the house, I feel. So. Blessed.

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  1. Aww, love this post, Cassie! In the midst of the trials of everyday you always have optimism and your perspective grounded. Happy, happy birthday to you! I love that sign and I will have to check that company out- sounds right up my alley. Have a great rest of your week sweet girl <3

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