This weekend has been surreal. Surreal in that my eyes have been fixed upon my Saviour so intently, more intently than ever, His doing and His bringing me to and such a mark of His goodness… marvelling at how HE WANTS US… He goes to great lengths to GET US… loving and caring for us beyond our ability to comprehend… always constructing and at work, even when we don’t see it. And I am more and more in a place of spiritual maturity in which when something glorifies Him, I am just in joy no matter what. 
And so approaching this past weekend of my life, in which friends have been brought together for His namesake. 
A few months ago a baristo covered a shift at my work. His name was Kevin, and in the short time He worked Christ shone in Him so vibrantly and we had such an incredible glorifying conversation. Soon after, his friend from my Starbucks, Jess, wanted to have coffee with me. There was instant trust between us that was a foundation of the Holy Spirit and we shared testimonies and brought honour to Christ through them. 
A few weekends ago, Maddie and I went to a youth event at Creekside Church where I “bumped into” Jess and Kevin, and remembered that they’d known each other. I was soon introduced to Kevin’s sister, Kathryn, and since meeting them, my friendships with all three of them have brought more glory and honour to Christ than I can explain here. Always and at every moment in awe of the way He works. 
For the past month or so I have felt the specific call to share my testimony somewhere, out loud before the Lord and others and this youth event talked about how they would be filming people’s testimonies in glory to the Lord and living for Him is the only way to truly be awake and alive. This Truth so captures what Jesus has carried me through for His sake and continues to and I this past week I committed to sharing my testimony before the Lord on October 23 at Creekside. I pray that the Lord is all who is seen and glorified and gives me the words.
In all that I’ve been pressing into and in wonderment of lately I acknowledge the joy that the Lord alone brings. What isn’t of the Lord brings destruction, period. Such as judgement of others; self-fulfilling prophecies; hatred; self-indulgence. And He tells us that when we are in Christ, even our enemies will be at peace and pleased and feel loved and welcomed. Because that is who our Saviour is.
I pray that I expel His loving and welcoming spirit in all that I do. At work; in the Bible study at our house (which is full of His Spirit, man oh man); in class; everywhere. Amen.
And I pray for so many others as they are on my heart. People I do and don’t know. 
Today at work a woman who had a special place in my heart for many years of my life came in for a latte. I knew her as Mrs. Burns, and I was her office helper at school in sixth grade. When I said to her, after taking her order of a no-foam extra hot vanilla latte, “I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Cassie and I was your office helper like 8 years ago,” she said, “Cassie. Of course I remember you.” She looked at the woman she was with and both women glowed.
It was clear that I’d had some sort of impact on her, similar to what she had in me. Our conversation was so meaningful and had me reflecting on this past decade, and all that the Lord has done. 

All of my days, I’ll sing your praise Lord. Your love endures from age to age. 

one of my greatest blessings; all of our conversations seeking Truth

That as He has me growing, even though my flesh fails He doesn’t and He allows for “more of Him, and less of me.”
This is exactly why I’m heading back to therapy, taking a scary leap of faith. Trusting and welcoming whatever the Spirit needs.
More exciting things to come on the blog soon too. Tonight, 
The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake,
and always. 

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