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Food. I am eating a far greater variety of foods than I have been for some time, including more of what I like. Different types of nuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, pasta, beef… 

He wants us. I don’t mean to put certain Christian Truths in a “currently” post as if some are only true at certain times because that would be quite dangerous and untrue. Moreso this is so on my heart and do something I feel the Spirit needing to get at me. HE is the One who gets our honour and praise and glory because He wants us so much, and will do whatever it to takes to grab hold of us and love us… and that is something that only He can do, and it is amazing. Today a man in one of my Christian Studies classes pulled me aside and asked about my tattoo. It is of eating disorder recovery. I told him briefly, and he wanted to know more. We sat down and eventually were in tears of awe telling each other of how the answer to both our recoveries, though that doesn’t mean struggles cease but LIFE is had nonetheless and ALWAYS, was relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Outfit. I’m wearing my favourite ripped jeans and a baggy sweater and Blue Jays baseball hat and cross necklace and it just struck me that I look like a female Justin Bieber. Oops.
Study. Has been in Ezekiel, about how “we are not our parents,” our “bloodline” should be focused on the Kingdom.
Cafe. I went to my favourite Cafe thus far in uptown Waterloo on the weekend with my momma and sister called Seven Shores, which had 3/5 coffee and 4/5 oatmeal. (I’m really picky about coffee and oatmeal so this was good)

Missing. Daniella and I are both habitually busy and also happen to be circumstantially busy in our current places in life and so while I should see her every day that doesn’t happen and I miss her all the time. 

Random Finding. Today I was walking through the seminary and noticed a new black and white photo. This is of my great aunt, my mom’s mom’s sister. So random!

Bible Study. Starting this Thursday, the others in my year in Christian Studies and I are hosting a Bible study at our house. I am feeling the call and need to go into this very prayerfully and in reverence to the Spirit.
New Friends. So many blessings! Just as I met with Jacqueline last night and we planned a weekend to go see Josee, Kathryn, a barista at another Starbucks who I’ve talked with a few times but caught up with at Creekside Church, talked to me about hanging out, and I am again feeling just so blessed in being surrounded by such beautiful people. Including always, my best friend who makes me laugh and challenges me and loves me even from 2108 km away, Johnny.
Dance. I start a new season of both dance classes at Laurier and teaching dance next week, once my ankle fully heals, and I have never felt more excited or driven.

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