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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Since Living In Waterloo…

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Since Living In Waterloo…

I clean way more. I always want to clean the whole house! I never want dishes left out and I like things organized and decorated accordingly! Ah… sorry, Mom. I get it now.
I have peace in the kitchen. Mary, Maddie, and I prayed together over the whole house, asking that it be a place of joy and a temple of the Holy Spirit, that all who enter feel welcomed and are greeted only by Him and of course then overwhelmed by His Spirit. When I cook, I feel like, okay, I need this food and I give it to you, God, because all I am is yours and I know you need me to eat.
I am at home mostly just to sleep. I love being out, I’ve always been that way. But coming back here to sleep truly does feel right, peaceful, and I look forward to it.
I communicate well with my family. I still see my parents and sisters and my mom sends me the sweetest texts. 
I have grown Spiritually in vast and noticeable ways already. He’s placing in me the ability to give the lacking areas of my life to Him for tending; He continually leads me to stronger relationship with Him.
I still eat a lot of oatmeal, nice cream, and chicken breast, but am incorporating a much larger variety. Like dates, and sweet potatoes, and spelt pasta. 

I’m always busy but fruitful and in tune with Christ. I pray through my day. I stand by my friends and spend time with them only wanting to witness and take part in what the Lord needs accomplished! I take each step with Jesus. I ask Him to guide me all day long.
I’ve become a true barista. I am finally starting to feel like my co workers don’t see me as the new girl anymore, but a strong barista. And I love this job so much, and feel so called to and some of the people I work with. 
I read more. I’ve read a few random books from my book shelf that were meh; I read and study the Bible constantly. 
I love Johnny. Today my beautiful, wonderful, Christ-like hairdresser went on about how right Johnny and I are together, and it was so cool to hear from the outside because all that she had noted is so true of us and our relationship. God is moving in us in extraordinary ways.

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