Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage PSALM 84:5

Good Evening!

I still dont know what this picture is to be honest

Today I feel… Excited! Anticipatory!
Today I feel finally right. I am in a space in which I feel peace in my program. I am so excited about my English courses especially after talking to some people at work at hearing that the literature I’m about to dive into is phenomenal. I am so excited to study and know my Lord better this year. I am so excited to be living with two of my best friends, Maddie and Mary! 

We started moving in to our new house today, my first “real house,” and it feels so right. The opportunity to live with just some good women in a city I love is a real blessing that I am growing more and more excited about. And, I can’t lie, I’m quite excited about cooking. 
In addition, my beautiful friend Cassia helped me with the start of the move and I could not have asked for a more bright, compassionate, hilarious girl to help me.
As I’ve gone about today, busy and running errands for most of it, I had so much on my mind! The rest of the packing that needs to get done this day and phone plan figured out this day and new laptop next week and need to buy wall pins that don’t make dents and I work this day and I have to…
There is always a call to breathe and listen to God’s voice, hear it and listen. He is always moving and I feel Him smiling.
My Saviour lived and breathed through lungs and walked with perfect feet on this earth and died a brutal death so that I didn’t have to live in sin. To set me free from the bondage of my eating disorder— SO THAT I could live a life serving Him, loving the Father the way Jesus did and does and living as His light by allowing the Holy Spirit to move through me. 

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. PSALM 84:10

I was dwelling on the fact that with regard to the Bible, to Spiritual teachings/prayer/when I write sermons, there is nothing planned or of myself. Like when I blog and include Scripture, the Scripture comes from what is on my heart and what I’m discerning the LORD needs said.
In other areas, I can be stringent and uptight about planning, which has result in more of me and less of Christ— which is of course enemy-derived.

He must increase; I must decrease. JOHN 3:30

This allowing the Spirit to take over and move and refraining from planning on my own should apply to all aspects of my life; because well, His plans are far greater than mine.
Of course, life involves plans. Without plans, money isn’t saved, churches aren’t built, God isn’t glorified. But God’s plans involve a push, sometimes in a direction that doesn’t suit something I may have previously laid out from my own flesh. And I need to have the Him-derived power to drop everything and shift gears when such pushes do occur.

On this “Motivation Monday,” know that motivation comes from Faith in a God who loves and moves in our lives, and in my growing to-do list:

  • Dance classes planned
  • Room clean and all moved
  • Empty drawers
  • Buy new spandex dance shorts and workout top
  • Print more photos for room
  • New string of lights and light bulb
  • Change phone plan
  • New laptop
  • Grocery shop
  •  Bible study 
  • Edit YouTube video
  • School supplies

AAAAND I shall do it all with a glad heart, trusting in the Lord’s plan and knowing that ticking off each item must be a means of glorifying Him and enabling more of Him.
One of the coolest things about this period of my life is that I am falling still more in love every single day with Johnny. Not needing to talk to him 24/7 but rather grateful and blessed by the moments of catch up we do get… Genuinely so excited to hear about his life and what God is doing over there. 
God, take care of my love. Push him, challenge him, lead him and love him, and challenge us as a couple according to your will, too. 

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