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Few earthly things excite me more than a good therapy session in the kitchen.
I have adored cooking since I was eight and used to study my Betty Crocker cookbooks. I was perfectionistic about learning every food trick in the book, and have envisioned planning weekly menus for a family one day based on my husband’s/children’s favourite meals; always improving, always creating. Pushing myself to grow this skill. 
Having my own house this year is an exceptional opportunity to do that. I want to dedicate a night each week to having loved ones over for a study session and a meal; and what I cook for them, I eat too. This is what I imagined as a child and it was an image from God and that is good– and as much as eating a “normal” dinner that I would put effort into for someone else scares me, I know it needs to be done. This is already the Lord’s doing, an act of His putting on my heart and I praise and thank Him for leading me to knowing, okay Cassie, you need to eat the meal you make, too. If you’re investing time in cooking, you can’t simultaneously be investing time in your disorder, ie. cooking effortfull  meals for others and not eating them myself. 
I plan on preparing many of my own recipes, but here are some that I have yet to master that I would like to this year: 
Braided Bread
Battered Haddock and Fresh Cut Fries
Old Fashioned Donuts
Homemade Egg Noodles with Tomato and Braised Beef Sauce
Traditional Chinese Food
This new season is one in which, as I’ve mentioned to y’all previously, I feel I will be growing in a lot of those “life” ways, in addition to the Lord using me and of course continually changing and teaching me. I’m excited to take advantage of this time and space that He’s blessed me with improve upon skills that He needs me to use for the rest of my life. Including most importantly– a Him-guided former grasp of the Word. 

Put on the full armour of Christ. 

Today I also had an incredible coffee date with a fellow barista named Jessica. Our testimonies are so similar, and she is a picture of the Lord and embodied such love and passion. I am so excited to continue to get to know her as a sister in Christ! 
And finally– my first FaceTime with Johnny. Overwhelming to see him settled in a new bedroom… looking so adorable and smiling and talking for hours and it never feeling like enough. I’m so excited for him.
God’s richest blessings for a weekend that glorifies and expresses His Spirit!

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