Music Video. For the past two years at the cottage, my sisters and I create music videos for fun. This year, we’re making one to “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift. Check out our older ones, among other great covers and singing videos on my sister’s YouTube channel.
Photo Shoot. All three of us sisters LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. Once I get home, I’ll upload the professional photos we took and probably just do a photo log on Thursday; for now, here are some from my iPhone

Food. Eating has been a battle so far up here, although some challenges have been met and the Lord is conquering all that I never could. This morning I had a donut… I put almond milk in my tea… sometimes it’s the little things that really show for it.

Road Trippin. My fam has a road trip tradition and, let me tell you, our drives together are so much fun. We take turns picking the songs, then once everyone’s had two song choices, we break and my creative little sister asks a question of some sort that we all answer. Where do you see the person to your left in 10 years? Who was your first crush? What’s your second favourite movie? We always end up laughing so much. 
Book. Today I will finish and mourn Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which I suppose is a play and not a book but nonetheless my main and most exciting reading material for the week. Not to mention brilliant, but what did you expect?

Johnny. Johnny just got an iPhone and yesterday we had technical difficulties. Long story short, I haven’t heard his voice since our prayers just before he drove away from my house. Our last days together were incredible and Spirit-filled, our prayers so aligned and our hearts both heavy and excited. We are periodically texting and I keep checking to see how far he is from me. Currently, 7 hours. 

Spirit. He is everywhere… He is filling my heart with more patience here, more Life, more Love, new eyes and new ears. And it is all so real and new especially in such a familiar place…

Today. On the agenda today: boating, hiking, swimming, tubing. Sunset-soaking and praying. 
Moving. My first house is mine this Monday August 29th. I’m excited, especially for the opportunity to live with such godly, incredible women in my life. I have my reservations but know that the girls and I are so aligned in spirit.
Song. On repeat lately is “Beautiful Offering” by Big Daddy Weave. Give it a listen. It’s a prayer.

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