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WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: Sick and Smilin'

WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: Sick and Smilin'

Today has beenbeautiful.
After one of the best days imaginable yesterday with my love, today was a reminder that “days” themselves are not always picture perfect according to the way we, our human selves, would wish them.
But always, the Lord is perfect. 
I’m not proud of what I ate today, and while my human self may have been defeated, the Lord never is and I pray that He fills the holes as I know He’s more than capable. I am also sick, and have grown more fatigued and ill feeling as the day’s gone on, my stomach getting queasy and my voice going. If this is any work of the devil, I pray that it be gone. He tried to trick me into believing that my stomach pain was because my stomach was growing tons bigger. The Lord shouted overtop that He doesn’t care. My body is a vessel for His use. 
I woke at 3:30am to my alarm this morning as I had some little things I wanted to get done before I cabbed to work. I studied Jeremiah for awhile before deciding that, even though it was merely 4am, I needed food. I had puffed rice with almond milk and blueberries for breakfast. My shift was a little stressful this morning as it was my first time doing open duties alone. I screwed a couple things up, but I’m blessed to work with patient and kind people who cared more about me learning than the mistakes. The rest of the shift went well though, and I after it I had a Starbucks oatmeal and a soy Frappuccino for a weird but sweet and new lunch. I also took an unsweetened soy iced coffee to go. I ran errands all morning and felt sort of stressed for no good reason. I prayed and spent time in the Word and got a call from Johnny in wonderful timing. Just his voice comforted me, and since he’d finished work in good time he came to pick me up. I had planned a coffee date with his sister in law that I was so excited about and had a DECAF 😉 soy cappuccino. Sarah and I talked about life and the Lord and tons of cool things and I loved getting to know her. 
We headed back after coffee to Johnny’s place, where his brother Steve would be leading a Bible study. Along with Johnny, his two brothers and their girlfriend/wife, and some other friends, we delved into the Word with the Lord present and at work in our conversation. We ended in prayer for each other, and I heard the Lord in His will that this place, these people, He has placed me here for His goodness as He knows He can bear fruit through me here. 
My stomach was acting up only more and Johnny insisted on driving me home. Both my love and my best friend, Johnny knew just how to make me feel better and loved and was just the presence of the Lord. We spent a bit of time with my fam where my big sister insisted on showing Johnny some of my old home videos, where I recited poems. I cringed looking at myself but remembered: I was created by the Lord and to doubt or feel self-worth or lack thereof is to believe that I, Cassie, am anything without Christ. Because He works in me, I am beautiful.
After Johnny left for the night, I had half a cucumber with peanut butter and eating only made my stomach feel worse. I’m sticking to tea now as I grow drowsier, praying for strength for work tomorrow and to see amazing friends I havent seen in a while. 
God has worked in His perfect timing through Johnny’s and my relationship so diligently and for His glory. May that only continue as we further submit ourselves to Him. 

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