Today, Johnny and I spent what could be our last full alone day together before he leaves for Providence. I gave the day over to Christ and He delivered in leading me always back to Him, and ever-so through Johnny. The Lord conquered today through us and witnessing and EXPERIENCING His work in Johnny and I as a team more and more makes me fall more in love with Johnny. 

why is he the cutest thing ever

Johnny had had the idea weeks ago to go to the farmer’s market and pick out a bunch of fruits, to conquer a sort of uneasy feeling Johnny has had about eating them. On the same day, he said, he wanted to take me to one of his favourite restaurants in the area called Crazy Canucks. The fruit was so me, and the restaurant was so him, as much as the fruit was so not him and the restaurant was so not me. But let me tell you, the devil was destroyed and the Lord worked and I learned only more– my eating disorder is aaaaalll to glorify His name in showing that nothing worth it is possible without Him, and all things are possible with Him. 

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ. 1 CORINTHIANS 15:57

So yes, I ate a burger. 6oz of beef on a white bun with mayo. Fat/calorie content unknown and completely IRRELEVANT. 

Before dinner, I convinced him to shave. And I helped.

We prayed and asked for the Lord to take over both situations and both experienced His hands and love. Teaching and using and now sharing. My life is His and I am forever blessed!
For today’s top ten, however, I thought I would review each of the foods Johnny and I ate in order of my favourite in their taste. This is a cool thing for me as identifying what I actually like by taste can be difficult. 
The Burger. The burger itself had to have been the tastiest thing, I certainly can’t lie. And tonight I genuinely enjoyed it because I knew all it was was a true victory in the name of Jesus. It was a hand pressed ground chuck with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, on a white bun. Simple and what I remember a really good burger to be.
Mango. The mango we picked out was definitely the best I’ve ever tasted. It was so ripe and delicious and strong in its tangy, pleasant flavour.
Peaches. Johnny and I both really loved the peach too! We enjoyed a yellow fleshed one that was perfectly ripe.
Tangelos. Sweeter and softer than oranges, I was surprised by how juicy and fall-off-the-rind these bright orange fruits were.
Kiwi. My bite of the kiwi was a taste of childhood. I used to eat a kiwi every morning for breakfast and it was like a time machine back to my mom’s loving breakfast prep.
Cantaloupe. The cantaloupe was Johnny’s very favourite, though I have never been a huge fan. Still, it was delicious and perfectly ripe.

Plum. Johnny and I were both umimpressed and disappointed with this fruit that we both agreed tasted like nothing. The texture was nice, but it was like there was “no point eating it.”
Plumcot. An apparent cross between a plum and an apricot, this fruit also had no taste, not surprising because of the
Apricot, which ALSO tasted simply like water– but with mushy, unappetizing texture. Any input? Did we pick badly on these last fruits, or are they generally not winners?
I am so in awe of God and wondering what He is doing in your life. How are you opening your heart to Him? What is He teaching you?

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