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Music. My boyfriend played an Ellie Goulding song called Tesselate in the background of us watching YouTube the other day and I didn’t mention how much I loved it but it’s rubbed off and I have that album on repeat. I also looove Chris Lane right now as far as country goes.
Budgeting. I’m saving more money than ever before, and it feels fantastic. At this rate, I will have a car within the next 12 months and be well on my way to more money saved.
Frustration. I’m working so much and prioritizing Bible Study and relationship with the Lord by His grace, and seeing people. I have a lot going on every day which I love. But the one thing I haven’t seemed to find time for, where summer is usually when I read like a million books, is READING! I am craving a Chapters visit, stocking up on random books and then heading to the cottage, not looking back, and tearing through the pages. 
My Novel. It’s coming along… Still… I keep asking myself, “Do I not feel called to write this story anymore, or am I just being too perfectionistic?” I’m praying about it a lot, actually. I don’t want to feel any sort of pressure to continue editing but I also don’t want to just push it aside. May the Lord’s will be my way.
Texting Game. Update– I haven’t improved. I am so often reminded that I need to text someone back or make plans or what have you. One major thing is that I hate having conversations over text because I just believe that anything worth talking about deserves in person attention. Text is for making plans in my eyes… But I need to recognize that that’s not how everyone sees it merely sometimes in the name of being courteous. 
Excitement. I potentially possibly get to bring Johnny to the cottage for our last weekend together before he leaves for what the Lord has for him at his new school. I can’t describe how excited this makes me!
Moving Out. Moving into my new place with girlfriends also is quickly approaching. I pray that our household would be to the Lord’s glory and satisfaction and that we will all have fun and lift each other’s eyes and hearts to Jesus.
First Semester. Here is what my classes look like for first semester: 

  • The Beatitudes
  • Christian Social Ethics
  • Mystery Writing
  • Writing Fairy Tales
  • Faith and Film

I hope some or all of these courses contain content that is as fantastic as it sounds. 
Starbucks. I work with some incredible human beings here. One after the other I am barista-ing alongside many devoted Christians, hilarious people, and also just friendly and truly empathetic hearts.

Bible Study. I am embarking upon Hosea and stuck on this verse:
For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings. 

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