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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Currently (July)

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Currently (July)

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Currently {July}Book. Working 50+ hours a week doesn’t leave a ton of time for reading! I’m a few chapters sea from finishing Perelandra, CS Lewis’ second instalment in the Out of the Silent Planet series, and still working through the last book in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Outfit. I just bought two tops with the chest string cross thingies (???) I find I’m always late to new trends as I don’t initially like them when they’re super popular… Perhaps because everyone seems to be wearing them at once… but I love them now and even wear one of the white tops to work at Starbucks, which is super cute with the green apron. 

Bible. Now that I’ve read and thoroughly studied Galatians, I find myself returning to it over and over… As I find the Holy Spirit speaking to me more and more through it and doing a work in me… it’s incredible. 
Occupation. Starbucks is taking up a ton of my time, but I genuinely adore the job and feel both challenged and called, both capable and “dumb,” if that makes sense. I am so motivated to be great at it in the sense that I want to better myself to provide more kindness and be Christ’s light and the midst of others’ busy days, and He shows me often that that looks like calamity and peace as I remain quick to His will alone.
Food. I am prayerfully listening to my body more lately and find that as I pray and knock and ask, my body DOES get hungry without me focusing or dwelling on it! And it is asking for a lot of protein… Often “craving” chicken breast. Weird but I am Rollin’ with it. 
Craving. As always, I AM CRAVING MY COTTAGE!!! Like so much!!! I breathe it in and smell it each day and wish I could be there all summer. With Johnny, with friends, with family. 
Vibe. I feel at peace. I feel that I need only be at peace the rest of my life, for my Saviour Jesus has a plan for me and my life and it is to His glory and I love Him and trust Him and I will only continue to praise, worship, and serve Him all the days of my life, through the guidance and gift of His Spirit. 
Excitement. I am excited for continued growth at my job. I am excited to see Josee again. I am excited to see what God has for my family. I am excited for His plans for Johnny and I. I am excited to grow more in the Word. I am excited to finally start driving– and driving friends around! I am excited for school next year as I tap into whatever the Lord still has for me at Laurier. I am expectant and prayerful. 
Revelation. Peace and calm and sitting back and allowing the Spirit to work… often not a “DO” factor but a “LET” factor… soaking in… God willing… Spirit taking over… renewed. 
Song. I am loving a song that Johnny showed me by Whitney called “No Matter Where We Go.” He played it recently in the car and I said “I really like this guy’s voice.” Johnny laughed, one of his nose-crinkly, Cass-you’re-too-much-sometimes laughs, and said, “When I first showed you him you said you hated his voice.” Oops. I guess Johnny’s music is growing on me. Anyway, I actually can’t get enough of this song! 

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