Happy Tuesday! How are y’all?
I always know my day will be infinitely good and blessed when Daniella is involved. She is one of my greatest blessings and a woman I so love and admire.
Today’s top ten is a random compilation of some current happenings.
Clothes. For any Canadians, Garage has great deals right now! I got really good quality low rise denim shorts for 20 bucks each, and a high low skirt for 15.
Food. As I said yesterday, the Lord’s presence has been all I’ve been able to respond to. Ed certainly pops up, and he has today. I woke up starving and ate some oatmeal with toppings, knowing I had lunch plans with Daniella and ended up just eating coconut yogurt with fruit at the cafe. Even with this, Ed has told me not to eat for the rest of the day. But I know the Lord has me and I don’t need to think about it. As far as the POSITIVES of food, I’ve finally been getting a new coffee! It’s a lot cheaper than my regular soy cappuccino and not very exciting but the perfect caffeine boost: an unsweetened soy iced coffee.
Bible Study. I’m really excited that I’m going to be doing some Bible study with a new friend of mine named Emily! She’s been a blessing to me and our meeting and friendship has been the Lord at work. We are going to start by working through Psalms and see where the Lord takes us! My personal study continually takes me back to Romans… oh how I love it.
Thoughts. About the peace in the present and the peace in the future, knowing God has a plan for it all.
You wanna know something funny? Since I was diagnosed with anorexia, a thought has continually plagued me: an intense fear of being pregnant one day. The scale inevitably going upward. Already thinking in my head, ok how are you going to work out and eat to make sure the only weight gained is from the baby and not a morsel of extra fat on your own body? This was a disordered fear that I used to think about every day (HA! I laugh at the devil). I feel called to have children one day and if that’s the Lord’s will pregnancy will happen one day and He will guide me. That’s it. So yeah, an example of the peace He’s brought me.
Cooking. I would really like to take a Chinese cooking class! This is one of the only cuisines I have never cooked from, and I want to learn and appreciate it all.
Reading. Almost done CS Lewis (time is of the essence people) slow poking through the third Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ready to stock up for the cottage. My favourite place in the whole world is in a canoe in the middle of Papineau Lake at either 6am or 8:30pm with a book and God’s sky and the sun doing something magical.
Preaching. As I said, I mostly have to use the Bishop’s sermon this Sunday and it’s a good message but I have added some things as the Spirit has spoken to me. I also got to write the blurb for the church handouts and I didn’t write anything for days until last night at 1am in prayer He gave me the words.
Moving Out. I am… excited! Making lists! Ready for whatever the Lord has for me and my blessings of friends in this journey. It is going to be an experience and form of independence I feel is necessary at this stage of my life.
Starbucks. I love my job so much! I’ve had little moments in the green apron like, “ah I’m a barista, what?” It’s a dream I’ve had and felt called to for so long as I’m truly passionate about coffee shops and while few people understand it my loved ones have been supportive and shared in my excitement. I’m blessed by wonderful humans surrounding me.
Sammy. It’s Sammy’s birthday week and this selfless, beautiful, compassionate woman has changed and impacted my life just by being the light she is since the day I met her. Thank-you, Sammy, for brightening so so many lives.

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