Happy Monday!
Today I spent a significant amount of time in prayer. A lot of it lead me back to this passage:

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” GALATIANS 2:20

This means and has always meant that pride is existent is God alone. The only One who can ever love us rightly and truly is Jesus. The only One we’ll ever have true joy in is Jesus Christ. And taking up the cross means that by His grace he attains that joy IN us through His Holy Spirit.
Giving each moment up to the Lord, I found His beauty and grace in just about everything. While the devil has a hold of much of this world, there is not an inch of that hold that Jesus hasn’t already forever overcome. And so today, waiting for a quick iced coffee at Starbucks, a woman, after ordering, turned around and said to me, “You know you should really learn not to stand so close to people in line.” I wasn’t abnormally close to her, I promise. I was so taken aback and gave her a sincere apology but was genuinely so surprised that someone could go out of their way to say something so unnecessary! The barista heard, as the woman was quite loud, and gave me my drink for free. “You’re a glowing young lady,” she said, “You’re having a good day. Don’t let that ruin it.”
I don’t know how she knew it but it was true– I had been having a great day, solely because of God and His grace in my prayer and relationships and life. And this woman was such a light– a reminder that negativity can push on us, but is never something Jesus hasn’t already overcome in His way and His timing. We just need to be willing, and man, He’s leading and preparing me more each day.
I am blessed to be at peace and in love with a man who draws me closer to the Lord and who I know I can talk through any dispute or confusion with. And today the Lord granted me His grace in my time with him, as well as a beautiful day with Cassia.
Eating disorders are literally nothing but ploys to consume one’s heart and take it from the Lord. This isn’t possible, as the Lord loves on us when we’ve strayed just as when we’re welcoming only Him, but I know the devil’s ability to drop in and take charge, turning my day into something just about food and the lack thereof it.
Lately, it’s just been the Lord. When it’s time to eat there is some anxiety, but ultimately I feel only closer to food being a passion, something I LOVE to serve God through and more importantly feel He is calling me to as He continues to banish the disorder’s hold on me. My first barista shift on till last night was incredible and brought a lot of that passion out of me. Having customers ask about the tastes of different drinks and being able to recommend certain things… it felt like something I’m good at for a reason. To bring His joy to what is meant to be a bright spot in the day.
I felt called to blog about this and His goodness in my life today, the only “motivation” being that we are weak– He is endlessly, forever strong.

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