Happy Hump Day Lovas!
My study this morning was so overwhelming, so full of goodness and revelations and His unshakeable Spirit. I studied Isaiah 46 and spent a long time dwelling on gosh, how unworthy I am. How sinful I am. How MAGNIFICENT my God’s love is, like oh my word how can we ever put human and earthly words to it?!?! And He reminds us that He will turn some of us away– some of us who claim to have known Him, but haven’t. Do I know my Father? Some refuse Him because they can’t see Him but do I know Him and His love? Am I in relationship with my God and is His Spirit working in me? Am I self righteous in my love for Him? I prayed on these things for a long time and just laid my whole self and every part of me to Him. I want to be His and not this evil world’s.
After that incredible time with Him and some reading and writing with tea, I was ready for brekkie. I made a big bowl of oats with lots of cacao sunflower seed butter, blueberries, 2 dates, and some goat milk yogurt.
Yummmmm. My sister and I watched a Grey’s Anatomy episode and then did our morn work out! We did Zumba and lots of stretching and choreography and it was so great.
I showered, cleaned my room, applied to some more Starbucks cause ya know, and read some more, and had a late lunch of chicken breast, a steamed potato, and carrots with sunflower seed butter.
After delving more into some readings and job applications, I met my good friend Chelsea at Starbucks where I had a soy cappuccino. We talked and caught up and had an amazing as always time. She is one of the greatest people in the world to heart to heart with. Daniella and I hung out for the night over tea, her being the person I could talk to forever and ever and ever. Coffee and tea… turn up on a Wednesday? 😉
I came home late and knew I needed some food! I had an egg baked in the oven inside a pepper (I don’t know what else to call that but it was delicious) with some spinach and peanut butter for a late dinner. I may be the weirdest eater ever but I promise you it was delicious! I also promise you that when I cook for others, I don’t cook this way ;).
It’s been a beautiful day and I am continually in awe of my Lord and who He is and how He works.

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