How much protein have you had today? Probably more grams of fat than grams of protein. You need some protein that’s lean. Like an egg. There’s no chicken left so just have an egg. You can’t fry it, so you have to poach it or bake it. Bake it in a pepper, peppers only have like 40 calories.
Look in the fridge. There are only sweet peppers. They have like 30 more calories. That shouldn’t be okay… Add them up in your head. Oh whatever, stop thinking about these things!! It doesn’t matter!
Oh, what, it doesn’t matter? A year ago the difference of 30 calories was enormous for you! You’ve slacked! You’re weak! You’re going to get huge!
You are way stronger than listening to that voice now. You KNOW that the difference between a sweet pepper and a bell pepper is NOTHING. Like literally, pointless and nothing. It’s food. It’s a minor blessing. You’re hungry so just eat and get on with it.
Cut the pepper. Crack the egg. Bake at 450 for 15 minutes. Take out of the oven. Egg is perfectly cooked, well done. Add some spinach and mustard and…
Oh my word.
You just used Dijon mustard. That has like 10 calories per tablespoon. Yellow mustard has like 3. Your calories are now like 37 higher than they could be if you weren’t so stupid and careless. How could you make such a dumb mistake? You’re not actually going to eat that now, are you?

“Food is meant for the stomach and the stomach for food”—and God will destroy both one and the other. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.” -1 Corinthians 6:13

I can easily use this verse for my own purposes and marvel at how much it applies to my little corner. But when I understand how much it applies to the LORD’S KINGDOM, which is everything, it makes my little corner, HIS. Every inch of “my little corner” is His, and I studied and prayed on this verse this morning. Yes, food is meant for our stomachs. Food as in FOOD, God-intended food, not man-made chemicals but REALLY IT DOESNT MATTER BECAUSE GOD WILL DESTROY BOTH! Like yes, eat, I need to eat because my body is for Him and Him alone, a temple for the Lord’s works and that’s it and so on this earth I need fuel to carry those out, and I believe in healthy fuel but that’s it. Like no more thoughts. Just as many foods are synthetically and chemically processed and therefore harmful to our organs, so is the obsession with calories, a man-made concept– but the largest lesson here is that yes this is all fine and good, but one day God will destroy both my physically body and food, and so it is a concept that doesn’t need much thought.
I am continuing to pray and tap into the passion I know HE’s given me for healthy, whole food eating, and may that be for His glorification and to His pleasure. Yesterday I experienced a tough time with those voices about a frigging pepper. Today I pray and I worship and am in awe of my God who is right here and leads me back to His eternal Words.

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