image.pngThoughts are louder at night,

Both good and bad.

Prayers ensue and the Lord is near,

But the devil wants my heart too.

There’s only truth, joy, and love in the Lord,

But another voice tells me it’s been too long since I’ve




That voice is so dead, a million times tinier now,

For Jesus is eternal, the devil not even scratching the service.

Almost comical how these temporary persons we call individuals can even for a second be sucked into his tricks.

his lifeless tricks,

his nothing tricks.

And so by Jesus‘ Grace I choose love,

Only in Christ I smile now,

I feel His arms around me and I never need even reach,

I am HIS, forever!

Adopted into His Kingdom, free from sin, selfishness, and the past.

A temple of the Holy King,

Lord USE ME that your will be done!

“Stop, listen to me quickly, why don’tcha–” a jealous snake interjects

But, can it even be called interjecting if I can only hear, but not listen? The Lord doesn’t let me listen. His Grace had taken over.

He had cloaked me in His armour; I marvel at His goodness, at His Fatherly love, and His unconditional smile.

Lord teach me your ways.

I don’t want to be “skinny,” for that is not the call of my life,

In other words, Jesus has built a foundation that makes me HEALTHY, for HIS sake.

Which makes me HAPPIER with my body than ever, only because its purpose is to fulfill HIS works…

I am yours, Lord.



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