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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Little Miracles

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Little Miracles

Today, after giving my day to the Lord and handing all my worries and earthly thoughts to Him and saying TAKE THEM REMOVE THEM USE THEM FOR YOUR GLORY, I still had an off day. And so I felt like documenting some of the ways Jesus worked in my life today– He worked all day and every second, His breath always in me, but here are some specifics.
Bank Guy. On my way to Johnny’s tonight, after running into an old work friend, a man asked me for directions to RBC. I was running late for Johnnys and the bank was the opposite direction, but the Spirit rid my selfish thoughts and enabled me to approach the man with kindness and I told him, “I’m the worst with directions, but I can take you there.!” And I did, and he was such a kind guy.
Kids. The girls I teach dance to are such joys. Truly, if ever there was a human that could teach you so much, could lift your spirit, it’s often a child. “Child-like faith” is what we’re called to have– the energy they have, the glow in their eyes and the way they run into the class and hug me when I say “hey, we don’t walk into a class without a hug, come on now” without a care in the world is so beautiful.
Cassia. I spent the morning with my friend Cassia at her doctor’s appointment because she was nervous about a verdict. But seriously, she spent so much of her time brightening ME up, being considerate of me and loving me even in the midst of her worry.
Jericha. Cassia and I went to a random place for lunch and saw a girl we both hadn’t seen for a long time from high school, Jericha, waitressing there. She is a beautiful, passionate girl and lit up my day.
Bus. Whenever I get on this certain bus, everyone always seems to be in such an incredible rush to get on first and I am always filled with the wonderment at how many humans are are so caught up in this world and the daily ins and outs of it. The other day when Johnny and I were writing papers together we talked about Kanye West’s song Famous and what we talked about stuck in my head so much. There is a part of the song where a woman’s singing represents the enemy’s temptation, and the phrase always ends with the words “I just wanted you to know.” The content of her words means NOTHING, which is why the emphasis on those last words is paradoxical– ANYTHING the devil tells us is an “I just wanted you to know.” When my ed says “you used to not eat,” that’s an “I just wanted you to know.” And what care in the world does the Lord, therefore should any of us, have when the DEVIL wants us to know something? The things he tells us are often what affect and break us down in our worldly lives– but ONLY in our worldly lives, which are quick and pass in a snap to our purpose with our Father in Heaven. Right, the bus. So while so many people are caught up in the world, so much of which is of the devil, a man stood to the side and waved everyone else on the bus. While it was cold and unpleasant weather, he smiled at each person and was incredibly selfless, patient, and calm. Indeed– what in the world is rush?
Blogging Shirt. At the mall with Cassia and Chloe, I saw a shirt that said “Blogging All Day” that I loved. I tried it on and sort of obviously had to get it ;). Haha, it was definitely just a random little bright spot.
Talk with Johnny. Johnny and I haven’t seen each other as much as we used to lately and in some ways I feel like my own thoughts fester in my mind for too long without talking to him and make me more bitter when I’m around him then. Loving someone can come from Christ alone and when it is the Holy Spirit loving in you, He works and loves. But we talked on the way home about Johnny’s move and new start in Winnipeg and how confident he is only in His expectation of what the Lord will do– confident in that every day! His words often ground me and return me to the Word and I’m blessed by that.
Music. We also listened to my new favourite worship band, Big Daddy Weave, whose music is wonderful! Go check out their album Beautifyl Offerings.

Scripture. When I came home last night, I just needed the Lord’s clarity and voice and He provided through His Word. I repeated over His commandment to Love Him first and with all my heart and soul, followed my neighbour as myself.
Praise the Lord for His works here and everywhere and forevermore.

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