Happy Monday!
I’ve been questioned a lot for my favourite day of the week being Monday, but I love em. I usually prefer weekdays to the weekend and just generally feel happier on them! I enjoy school, being out and about, but also of course having time in the Word and for my own thing.
This morning, my older sister and I were arguing about something meaningless. I had just had a Bible study that was really quite personally necessary– the Lord brought a lot of my recent faults to my attention that I hadn’t even recognized needed to be repented and I prayed for a while. May I only speak what YOU arespeaking, I prayed, not for self-gain or from a place of self-righteousness, for anger/disagreements do not whatsoever produce or reflect the grace of the Lord. All this calls for is a continuous death to my own selfhood for a renewed spirit and heart, only His Spirit.
So after a lot of prayer and giving my day and life and relationships and spirit to Him, my sister and I just had a disagreement. The content was so meaningless and I prayed that the Lord would have His way, and so as both of us are and of Him we were able to recognize our fault and immediately just channeled the anger differently. We danced and practiced and stretched together for an hour, and after just 5 minutes were laughing and allowing our the Spirit to take over, us still in relationship but only by Him. It was really something, and all given up to the Lord!

In any sort of dispute, bad mood, laziness, or tiredness, sometimes the last thing we want to do is move. But exercise in your favourite form of it is such a joy, a gift from the Father and can be a means to glorify Him. For my sister and me, dance is the best way. We both love the way the spirit can take over our bodies and tell the story.
The only true therapy is In. Christ… And sometimes He brings us to a point of zero talking, and only movement. Krystal and I had a fantastic talk when we finished dancing, renewed and rid of the anger! Praise the Lord!
Blessings for a Peaceful Monday.✌️

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