WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY: His Thoughts Higher Than My Thoughts

Blessings on this Wednesday night!

I’m drafting this at 4pm and already I’ve had such a busy but great day. Always feeling blessed and focusing on the blessings! This morning when I woke I made cacao banana ice cream with 2 bananas, frozen mangos, and cacao powder. I topped it with plenty of peanut butter and a Luna protein bar, along with a bunch of raspberries. I knew I needed this amount of fuel for breakfast. I prepared for the day, did some study in Exodus, and headed out to teach a dance workshop for kids at a march break camp. This was an awesome opportunity and I had so much fun. I was feeling the lack of caffeine, so I grabbed a soy cappuccino afterwards (yah Johnny, Laura, and Brooke, I couldn’t quit).

I went to linguistics class and then caught up with Laura in the concourse where I found myself STARVING. I had brought some dairy free yogurt and nuts, so I ate that for a snack before heading to Johnny’s. I watched soccer with him and his best friend, Camillo, and felt more attentive and like I understood the game than I have so far and that made me really happy. Can never get enough of seeing how passionate Johnny is about it and for that I have love and respect for the sport. He has also been an incredible support and helper, leading me back to God rather than Him and I pray each day that my love for him is the same. I can say the same for so many of my friendships currently, and for that I am so blessed.

For dinner before class I had a bowl of plain vegetable soup at the seminary, which certainly wasn’t enough, so I ate a Quest bar from my bag, too.

Class was centered around Matthew, and I love and respect my prof very much. I’m currently dozing off at Maddies while she studies, ready to lift my thoughts to the Lord and sleep.



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