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There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that we just can’t talk about the rest of us.

I came across this quote today in one of my Christian Studies books and really really liked it. The thing is that we as humans can’t judge anyone around us for any sort of sin. That doesn’t mean our son is “ok.” What it means is that our prayer must be for our free will to be put on stop so that Jesus might come into us and fulfill His will we must submit ourselves and our lives to Him, knowing that we are nothing without Him– that, in fact, being without Him is impossible. Once we accept His love into our hearts, we begin to see other human beings as creations in His image– we all are. It is the sin of this world and from the enemy that can turn our hearts cold or from Him. Submission to Christ results in His Spirit and say being fulfilled, acknowledged as Truth, and carried out. In all of this, overwhelming and otherwise impossible-to-find Joy is all that we can feel and see. We begin to know nothing else. We crave and every inch of our beings beg for more of God. And we know we’ll never fully know Him, but that knowledge only drives our obsession. When God gets a grip on the Spirit that has always been inside you, it’s all you can do not to shout His good news to the whole world.
Invite God into your life today. Ask Him to take the wheel. He’s already driving, but is the enemy trying to take the wheel in your life? God hears your prayers, and He provides. He is so, so good. So give Him the wheel, and know that His will is all that must be done in your life.

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