Music. I’ve been listening to the Cashmere Cat remix of Octahate by Ryn Weaver nonstop. It is addictive music. I also listen to a lot of Bethel, which is a worship band, quietly in the background of Bible studies.
Bible Readings. Krystal gave me a box full of Bible verses for each day of the year. I’ve been picking one each day and then just diving in to the Word in whatever way the Spirit leads me. It’s been incredible.
Class. I’ve only had a few classes so far this term, and none yet from my program– the first will be tomorrow– but so far I’m really intrigued by the readings and discussions from my online class called “Love and Its Myths.”
Daily Prayer. A prayer that just continually roots itself directly in my Spirit is one that just begs the Lord to fill me and all my interactions with Himself, and to constantly put on my heart the pure, unshakeable Truth that I, Cassie, am nothing. Only God is what I want to see, can see, must see.
ED Win. I haven’t measured food in nearly a week, and I am just in pure awe of Christ’s attack on that enemy in my life. This has been a MASSIVE rock holding me down and I am so excited to continue to pray about it and see God use that ED victory for His name sake.
Person. Johnny, my boyfriend, the man I am growing toward God and seeking God and glorifying Christ’s name with, has stolen my heart entirely. In all my prayers I have peace that he is my person, peace that is only possible through Christ, peace that only invites glorification and praise to Jesus Christ. Already God is doing incredible things in our relationship and I pray that in our submission to His will that only continues.
Food. Something crazy has happened… I like mushrooms! I’ve been eating them in abundance lately and just really, really loving them. They used to literally be my least favourite food! So odd.
Work. My work schedule has been pretty solid lately, and well in line with my school schedule which is a blessing. I’m working 6 hour morning shifts Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and teaching dance for 2 and a half hours on Tuesdays. Work is an incredible opportunity for Christ to manifest Himself in us.
Colour. I’m loving burgundy lately. I have a few burgundy tops that I can’t stop wearing!
Joy. Found in Jesus. Period. That’s it, and I am so in it. In praising His name, in bringing His life to light.
Have a blessed day, praising Him through and through.

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