Hello world!
Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve? I definitely can’t! I still have every single gift to wrap, oops…
Here’s a bit about what’s going on.
Relationships. There is an incredible man in my life and his place in it is truly a gift from God and His timing, in my receptivity to Him, my growth in my relationship with Him, and my ceaseless need to put Him first. I want to tell the whole world about my feelings for this guy but at the same time I want it just for us. It’s a crazy feeling but it’s of God and it’s good.

Friends. So so excited to be spending time with friends over the break! We’ve already had Gucci Girls Christmas, and I’ve some great times with other friends but I am just so excited for more more more. I am unexplainably blessed by the people in my life!
Food. Crazy how much smaller a role food is playing in my life the more I grow in God. Truly miraculous. Truly given up to Him. But a good I’ve been eating a lot lately? Quest bars.
New Years. I have a burning hatred for New Years Resolutions. Partially because the whole “I’m gonna get fit and eat uber healthy because it’s January” can be very triggering, but mainly because any New Years Resolution shouldn’t be made because it’s the new year. We should strive to be our best every day.
Herbal Remedies. I’m really passionate about the natural, God-given ways we can heal sickness. To name a few powerful antioxidants for colds and digestion and overall health: turmeric and black pepper sprinkled over dinner; ginger tea; warm water with lemon. Be proactive about taking care of yourself.
Ok, so I do Have a Resolution. If I had one resolution (but not for the new year; starting now) it would be to get better at responding to texts. I think I’ve offended so many people because I think I reply but don’t and it’s terrible! I am such a fanatic about keeping up friendships but just not via text😉.
Christmas Traditions. I get to see a bunch of family soon which is really exciting! I love when all my cousins and aunts and uncles are together. Seriously the best.
Mood. Lately I have just had this overwhelming peace, in myself, in my God, in my relationships. I trust Him. I give it up to Him. He is good.
Secret Santa. Yesterday for Christmas with my dancer babes, my secret Santa was my lovely friend Savannah, who got me a stress management colouring book and some make-up. So sweet, and I adore her.
Prayer. “Lord, may I lean not on my own understanding, and trust more and more each day in you.”

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