We all have coping mechanisms.

Coping mechanisms are ways to which external or internal stress is managed, adapted to or acted upon. Susan Folkman and Richard Lazarus define coping as “constantly changing cognitive and behavioral efforts to manage specific external and/or internal demands that are appraised as taxing”. (Dictionary)

I think this is a suitable definition, but as faith is everything and God is everything, I would further this by saying that our coping mechanisms are Sin’s way of taking our focus. My biggest coping mechanism is to do with food. Thinking about it, counting calories, trying to control it.
My therapist used to constantly tell me, “An eating disorder usually manifests as a distraction from something bigger, something we know we SHOULD be focusing on but are maybe afraid to.”
God has put on my heart that I have known that He needs of course to be my number one focus, but that I have not been living that out in my social life or personal relationship with Him. And in that same revelation, I ow know that God only Only God will defeat this eating disorder.
And already since this revelation has it changed so massively.
I’m probably going to be starting a new blog series about what God is doing in my life with opportunities for reflection on what He’s doing in yours, and how we can be evermore receptive to Him. Really excited!
blessings and Peace on this Thirsday!

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