Hey guys!
The past few days have flown by– I keep thinking today is Monday! But they have been extremely eye-opening to me. Through other people and His Word God continually is revealing Himself to me in ways that I haven’t experienced before. Unbelievable.
Today’s Top Ten is all about positivity.
People. Today I had a wonderful coffee date with a guy whose conviction and faith is beyond words. I have already learned so much from what the Holy Spirit has revealed to him, and just constantly feel enriched around him. We could talk endlessly.
Recovery. Also today, when I got to my theology class, I remembered that our lovely prof told us she was making Indian food for all of us for lunch. If I could sum up the good that gives me the most anxiety, it is homemade, unknown calorie, oily, savoury food, and this was ALL FOUR. Joy went to the trouble of making me buttered chicken in a dairy free version, and when I first saw it, the anxiety welled up in me. But I looked at it, looked at my peers digging in, remembered my conversation with Johnny, glanced at my tattoo, praised God, and filled my plate. I ate every morsel of the chicken Joy made me– and it was delicious.
Excitement. Maddie, Bethany, Mary and I are looking at our budgets to see if we can afford buying a loft together for next year. Living in my own house with such wonderful ladies, grocery shopping, decorating, is all so exciting!
Birthdays. Today is a very special friend of mine, Nour’s, birthday, and Friday is Maddie’s birthday! This weekend I celebrate with both of them at dinners.

Mantra. God knows you. He knows your heart. He knows your soul better than you do. And even greater? He LOVES you and He FORGIVES you. If that’s not something to dance and kneel before Him about, I don’t know what is.
Currently… I am at this moment on the bus and the guy behind me is singing Blue Suede Shoes at the top of his lungs, and a bunch of people are smiling. I love seeing humans being other humans together. Really great.
Homework. It’s crunch time for exams, and I have 4 papers and 5 exams within the next few weeks. The only way to get through that is being receptive to Christ in all of it, and what He is leading me too.
Christmas. Have y’all started Christmas shopping yet? Maybe finished? Because I… Haven’t. But I’m excited to get going! I’m in a few secret santas too which are always fun.
LOL’ed. Just now, as I was walking out of my Spanish lecture, I was rushing to catch this bus and I literally slipped and got my favourite jeans and shirt all muddy. And these two girls were like “omg are you okay” and I was like “yeah man I meant to do that!” And they started laughing and I started laughing and I realized they were I my Spanish class too, and I missed my first bus because we were talking and they were lovely.
Party this Weekend. This past weekend I got to spend time at a good vibes party with some of my favourite people in the world, and I am always grateful for times with good friends.

God’s Blessings going into exams and beyond xo

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