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Wow. I cannot even explain how much God moved in my life today. As a theologian, I would argue that he moves equally often in all of our days, but sometimes we are more receptive or attentive, and today was certainly one of those days for me. I’m going to tell you all about it in the form of WIAW, which also features a lot of recovery wins.
Breakfast. My alarm was set for 4:30 this morning, because my dad leaves for work at 5:30 and that was my only ride to the bus terminal to my uni. I got all ready, very groggily, and then drove with my dad to the busses, hopped on one of them, and got to school for 6:15. I wasn’t meeting Ben, the guy in my theology class who offered to drive me and some others in the class to Toronto for the Queens Park debate, until 7, so I took a nap in my favourite lounge on campus, which was blissful. I met Ben at 6:55, along with Johnny, Philip, and Presley, all in my theology class, who are incredible, funny, insightful people. None of us know each other extremely well, but we sure got to know each other today! It was like a breakfast club experience, almost.
So we headed out and almost immediately started spieling about our favourite types of music, stealing Ben’s aux cord and playing songs for each other, talking all the while. Just 20 minutes in we stopped at Tim Horton’s, and I am very proud to say that I ate my FIRST MUFFIN SINCE HAVING ANOREXIA.
Muffins are definitely one of my top five fear foods. When I had night eating syndrome, I often baked muffins in the midst of a binge. The sugar content also freaks Ana out to no prevail. But all the way, my colleagues were talking about how they couldn’t wait for timmies with donuts and breakfast sandwiches and creamy lattes and I thought AGH I want to not be thinking about this. So I went to the cash register and tried very hard to order exactly what I wanted, and what came out was a blueberry muffin. That’s all I had, but I am very proud of it.
Lunch. The rest of the drive was so much fun. We all went from pouring our hearts out about faith and the spirit and how true Christianity is never ever self-fulfilling and I probably ranted too much but we all did and I can’t begin to explain how incredible it is to talk about these things. Gah. God is good, that is all.
This theology class focuses on applying faith to politics, and it’s taught by Dr. John Molloy, former cabinet member of the liberal provincial government. When we got to Queens Park, John was famous. Photographers were everywhere, everyone asking John why he had quit his successful career to teach at seminary. John describes it to us as a calling.
The first part of our session entailed an hour session with a group called ISARK, essentially activists working to bring faith more to the public square. It was really interesting. Next, we went right into the House of Commons and watched all the provincial politicians we see on TV in Ontario debate. There was so much heckling, and backlash and booing and calling out, it was utterly shocking. And afterwards, after the vote and all the press, we watched Kathleen Wynn “behind the scenes” heading off to lunch with the people she had just been yelling at, of the opposing party. We then had a quick lunch break, where I drank a black coffee and ate a sandwich I packed made with sprouted grain bread, lean roast beef, spinach, and mustard.
Snack. After lunch, we had the opportunity to ask questions of a representative of each party, round table style, about their application of faith to their work. Each of them told us that much of the heckling was “only theatrics,” and that a lot of that had to be done to get a point across. That was a little unsettling to me. How much of their answers to our questions, then, were “theatrics?” All three of the representatives spoke about their faith “informing what they do,” and “helping others to find comfort in their party.” This was even more unsettling to me. Faith is not a crutch or a comfort, but rather a way of life, the centre of everything, and while I know everyone is entitled to opinions, I think that true Christianity embodies this, for as Mark warns us to beware of the religious folk that are self-fulfilling. I am not in any way putting down these politicians, for I know nothing about politics. It was eye-opening for me as someone who hopes to reach out to people as a pastor one day.
The drive home was much the same. I bonded with my peers so extremely, and we had such a blast. I got home at around 4:30, grabbed a soy cappuccino from Starbucks, and ventured to the mall for a bit of shopping.
Dinner. After my wonderful theology lecture, I drove home with Katrina and poured my heart out to my parents about my day! Clearly I haven’t eaten enough, and I ended the night with a whole cucumber with a bunch of pb, and then a giant bowl of baked banana pb oats.

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