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I am currently in my busiest week of Uni. I have a trip to Toronto tomorrow that I have to write a paper on, two midterms, a research paper due Thursday, a 2000 word essay due Monday, and a debate tomorrow. Needless to say I’m a little overwhelmed! I know myself well enough to know that the best way to de-stress is to share some wisdom with others, so I’m popping in for a study blog.
Music. I guess this is pretty basic, but I’m loving Justin Bieber’s Purpose and 1D’s Made in the AM. Less basic is Chris Young’s new album (I’m obsessed) but also Lawson’s Chapman Square, which is really old but one of my fav albums of all time.
Food. For a quick pick-me-up today I grabbed a soy cappuccino and an oat bar from my campus Starbucks. I was surprised when the lady wrote my name on the cup without asking me and said, “Will it be the usual?” And when I asked for the oat bar she said “Ah a little treat today, those are my favourite.” It perked me right up.
Method. The only way I can study for tests is by re-copying my notes and summarizing them. Is that just me?!
Subjects. Today I’m working on my theology debate which pertains to a parable from the Gospel of Mark on justice, a research paper on the avant-grade period of 1920s artist Frederico Lorca, and studying for the Spanish midterm that I am doomed to fail!!!!
Friends. People are always more important than studies. Please remember this. Last night I slept over at Maddie’s who I went to church with along with my friends Savannah and Sara and my sister Krystal, and this morning I studied– mostly laughed– with Laura and our friend Mick. People keep you sane and happy!
Place. I’m currently in a study cubicle in the 24 lounge in a comfy chair, my favourite place to study on campus.
Mood. I’m generally really happy lately. Ive been putting emphasis on focusing on all the good in my life because boy is there a lot. I feel very blessed.
Incentive. When I finally get home tonight at around 11:30 I will eat some oatmeal and watch a couple of Friends episodes. My favourite way to me time!
Thought of the Day. Sammy texted me last night with a quote: “An eye for an eye makes the world blind.” I loved it. My personal one: “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.”
My Nerdy Passion. I love journaling. My therapist always told me to do that because I’m a writer, and I think everyone should!

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  1. This is amazing Cassie, I often tend to study the same way by copying notes over and over, I find that until I find the most organized and neat looking way notes possible, the content of the notes make more sense the more time I write them out!

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