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TOP TEN TUESDAY: The Little Things

TOP TEN TUESDAY: The Little Things
Happy Tuesday Guys! Mentally I’ve been having a rough few days and am leaning on friends and prayer, and trying to focus on situations outside myself. I’m centering this ten on some “little things,” because I think they are so important.
Daniella. I can’t explain how grateful I am for my best friend. We had the most amazing time Halloween night and “defied social norms” and “created good vibes” at the party we were at. As we were drinking, we started to talk to everyone in British accents. We lowkey were the legends of this party. I righted a wrong that night, and have since been experiencing alongside some people who mean the world to me detrimental repercussions, but necessary ones. Daniella has been so amazingly supportive through that.facebook-20151031-212611
Sammy. My person. A person who is virtually impossible to dislike. Who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Who I can tell anything to. We went to Chapters this weekend and laughed our heads off at a self-help book, psycho-analyzing each other in the middle of the store.IMG_20151017_225145
Emma. Emma is Jewish, but she showed interest in my faith and came to the Embassy Monday night. She said she really liked it and liked seeing what I do at church, and stayed with me after for a heart to heart over tea. Her mom drove me home and geez, I freaking love her mom, too.IMG_20151009_222551
Sara. Sara’s birthday was YESTERDAY!!! She turned 19 and she deserves the best 19th year possible. We already know we’re going to Disney World this summer ;). Sara and I share in so many little moments. For her birthday dinner, she made everyone a beautiful name place with her favourite memories with that person written on it. She is the cutest, sweetest person.IMG_20151101_193525_edit
Jaden. Jaden is one of my good friend’s girlfriend, and she has made such an effort to get to know me and is honestly the coolest person. On Halloween we were bugging Noah about how much he complains about modifications on drinks at his job (Starbucks, of course), and planned for a coffee date soon.IMG_20151101_153901
Haylie. Haylie has been such a gift in my life since the day I met her. We hung out today with Chloe and didn’t have much time and I wanted to fully catch up but, her being her selfless self, she wouldn’t let me stop talking until I could get all my stress out. She’s incredible.
Chloe. Chloe turned a terrible situation into something lighter, something easier to unpack, and something I feel like I can now somehow handle. She never fails to make me laugh, and find the funny in even the darkest situations.IMG_20151015_141248
Maddie. I’m staying with my friend Maddie at her dorm Monday nights now, and she is the most welcoming and wonderful human. I love known her just two months and we just clicked instantly, and at Embassy I met her boyfriend Ryan for the first time and I was way too excited I just hugged him right away.
MJ. There’s a guy at the Embassy who has made me feel welcome and like the church is my home since my first time there. Last night he pulled me aside and told me he was praying for me, and that when I was comfortable telling him what I was going through, he would be there. I asked him why he thought I was “going through” something and he said “God. God’s been calling me pray for you.” I was so moved. I told him I’d pray for him too and he texted me this morning, and we made coffee plans for Sunday.
Ashley. A girl at the Embassy that I’ve gotten to know is named Ashley, and she is the coordinator of the Worship Team which I just officially joined. She has made me feel so welcome and brought me back into a space of leadership and dedication to a church, which is so important to me. This place has already changed my life, and I know that change is nothing unless I spread it.
Notice how all these “little things” are tied to people? I definitely struggle with trust issues lately. It is scary just how little we can trust some. Because we are all sinners, there’s only One we can truly trust, and that is God. Therefore we trust His word and His plan for our lives, which includes the people in it, and how we choose to enrich or approach them. Setting a daily intention is so powerful.

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