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MOTIVATION MONDAY: We Are Uniquely and Intricately Beautiful

MOTIVATION MONDAY: We Are Uniquely and Intricately Beautiful

An overweight woman eats a full pizza for dinner. A judgemental woman near her whispers, “No wonder she’s so big. How unhealthy.”

A quite thin woman eats a full pizza for dinner. The same judgemental woman says, “It’s quite normal and healthy to be eating that much. Food is fuel and balance is key.”

Many of us have the very wrong perception that what we eat and how much we eat is what makes us fat. This is not true.

While yes, anorexia caused me to lose a lot of weight, and yes, my night binges (tens of thousands of calories) contributed to my being “overweight,” our bodies are not computers. They run off calories, not numbers.  Our bodies use pizza to fuel it. Our bodies will take those calories and utilize them. Our bodies are smart.

“Overweight BMIs” are caused by one of three things:

  1. Genetics. It’s true, we all have different body types. When I was underweight, I still had larger hips than anything else. My bone structure didn’t change, and neither did my body’s location preference for fat storage. A person who is naturally “overweight” may have eaten the exact same foods and amounts every day of their lives as a person who is naturally “underweight.” We all need to eat to survive, just like movement is healthy for all of us– movement is not to be approached as a method of burning calories, as again, our bodies are not computers. It is true what they tell you: you are beautiful the way you are because God created you that way.
  2. Binge Eating Disorder. This disorder is misdiagnosed far too often. A person with Binge Eating Disorder eats at least 4 times a week on top of a 2000-3000 calorie per day diet in excess (tens of thousands of calories). Emotional eating is not binging, it’s eating. Eating a few brownies for no reason in particular is not binging. Note the differences. This kind of excess of food from a disorder that is very rare can cause a person to gain weight beyond their natural body.
  3. Medication. Some drugs can obviously alter the body’s natural weight, though still not to such excess, likely, but again, this is unnatural alteration.

The point of this post is not to lay out a million statistics about weight. It is to confirm that you are okay, just as you are. You are beautiful just as you are. You are trying and in this moment, you are okay. 
Blessings for a beautiful week! 

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