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Hi All!
Here’s something about me: I don’t procrastinate. Well, I don’t procrastinate in a lot of ways. Definitely not on homework, or birthday gifts, or figuring things out. I’ve found a way to stay organized in those ways that is now impossible for me to break.
But there are some things, I’ve realized lately, that I do procrastinate on. Some of them have been nagging me for months:
Getting my G1 license. I’m 18 and don’t have it yet. I really need to do this, but I’m afraid of falling it.
Calling my Therapist. It’s been a few weeks since I last saw her, and I haven’t called to make an appointment. Honestly, I think I’m afraid, because when we talk it’s, of course, about some of the things that make me most anxious in the world, and I stress so much.
Talking to a Friend. I have a friend who has been so for years that I have betrayed in a way I can’t even live with myself. I constantly pray about what to do with this situation. I have been for months. It has been this horrible little bruise welling inside of me every day and it’s made me cold toward a lot of people and yet I can’t bring myself to right this wrong. It’s selfish and horrible.
So yeah, I procrastinate in a lot of big ways. For one thing, its impossible for me to not be busy. I am busy all of the time, whether I’m working or catching up with a friend of blogging or studying or going out, I’m always on the move and I thrive on this. But in the end, socializing and being around friends and having that connection is so so vital. Even if you feel burnt out when you could be out doing something, while it’s okay and perfectly good sometimes to take a break, it always feels better than you think it will to get out and have that contact. God speaks to us through others, remember.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend! Time is flying. Xx

1 thought on “MY THOUGHTS THURSDAY: Get Up and Go”

  • I procrastinate too, and I’m at an uncertain point in my life. I sometimes find it so hard to be productive. Procrastinating seems so much easier! But your title couldn’t be more true, you’ve gotta get up and go. Thanks for giving me some motivation for tomorrow morning!

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