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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Meaningful Moments

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Meaningful Moments
In the past little bit I have reflected a lot on what makes life meaningful. The only common answer is that people, getting to know individuals, is key. We can easily live our lives day in and day out, exhausted. But think. When you were a little kid, you wanted a job. Now that you have a job, maybe you’re bored of it. Find a way to make that job awesome. Give everyone a smile. Be not only courteous but compassionate. Reach out and reach higher in everything. Here are my top ten meaningful moments of the past few days.
Embassy Last Night. Sammy and her friend Courtney came with Sara, Maddie and I this week to Embassy and loved it. Without asking Sammy to go, she showed huge interest and now wants to come every week. It was another amazing service.
Greys Anatomy with Fam. I had a bit of free time a few nights ago and asked my parents if they would watch the Greys episode where Derek dies, even though they’re not that far yet, and they agreed and cried.
Ice Cream Cake at Turtle Jacks. Throughout my birthday dinner, milkshakes were flung in my face and dairy jokes were told left right and center. The cherry on top was when the waiter brought out an ice cream dessert and everyone sang happy birthday. We all laughed till we cried.
Heart-To-Heart with Sam. I spent in the first few hours of my birthday lying in my bed with Sam, talking about life and making this crazy metaphor about Dr Seuss and laughing till we peed. I couldn’t imagine a better birthday.CRfrUFUWEAAWhcK
Drives with Sara. Sara kindly drives me home from the embassy each week, and since she lives in Hamilton, we catch up and talk about everything and help each other and blast country music and it is amazing and perfect. IMG_20151017_230008
Gift from Daniella. Daniella and I can’t go more than a few days without seeing each other, but every time we get together we share in, “How long has it been? Two days? It feels like a year.” She wrote me a beautiful card for my birthday and got me a framed photo of us, a candle with a friendship quote, a scarf, and a the prettiest mug. None of that stuff matters, obviously, but our friendship does. It is something I could not live without.
Cards from Fam. My two sisters both wrote me the most beautiful, sweet letters and my pile of cards is just growing. I have an obsession with homemade cards.
Uni Girls Coming to My Dinner. It was so so awesome to have Maddie, Bethany, and Mary celebrating my birthday with me. Having them at my dinner, these people I already feel so close to with so many of my other loved ones meeting them was so cool.
Chloe and Her Boy. So CHLOE brought her bae to my dinner and I could not shut up about how great they are together. The way they looked at each other, the way their conversations seemed to flow… Chloe deserves this so so much. Do you know those friends? She is simply amazing.
Full Circle– Training at Work. After over a year of working at Cora, I am now training a new hostess! It’s kind of rewarding in a way, and it feels like just yesterday I was being trained. The new girl is such a sweet person too.

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