MOTIVATION MONDAY: Important for Anyone with An Eating Disorder

Hi All, and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

My house smells amazing right now, about to feast with my fam and grandparents! But first I’m dropping in for Notivation Monday with a very important reading.

If you have disordered eating and have not read the Minnie Maud guidelines, I highly recommend you do so. This next reading summarizes them quite well with a bit of extra motivation, and that is the basis of today’s post.

Especially since this author doesn’t specify her last name, I’m just going to link the writing HERE.

I read this constantly in bad times. I read when I think I can’t keep up recovery. I read it when I’m down or the voices are too loud.

I want to be able to go parties and decide to stay sober not because of my eating disorder, or decide to get drunk not because my eating disorder lets me (or wants me to puke).


I want to be able to go about my day without what I consume or the fear of food holding me back from truly living.


I think something that sums it all up is to never feel the need to read something like this again.



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