Emma’s Birthday. Today is one of my best friend’s 18th birthday! We’ve been friends since ninth grade and have gotten so much closer in the past two years. We celebrated on the weekend ;). I love love love this person.IMG_20150926_215236_edit
Starbucks Peach Tea. Last Wednesday night in my theology lecture, my friend Bethany had a peach tea from Starbucks and all I could smell the whole lecture was fuzzy peaches. During our break she walked me down to Starbucks to get one! That’s true friendship– and you must try the tea.
Oprah Quote. Oprah tea, Oprah Quote! I had a reading for my theology class on Oprah, and whether or not she is a “superficial, civil Christian.” In a word, I believe the answer is NO. I think she seems to be a wonderful woman who uses her fame to reach out to the best of her ability. And the quote is: “May we be determined to now use every moment of our lives to turn up the volume, to create deeper meaning, and to know what really matters.”
Everything is Better With Others. This is so true. When I was deep within my eating disorder, I avoided people at all costs, party because I was exhausted and weak and dizzy, and partly because I was terrified of food, and partly because I couldn’t even carry a conversation with focus. Going through this lapse has helped me to again appreciate the value of good company.
Daniella. Shortly, this is my best friend. This is the person who understands my brain when I don’t even understand it. This is the person who I understand so clearly. This is the person who I am always laughing with and sometimes crying with. I am blessed with a lot of these people, but I wanted to shout her out today.
Almond Butter. My mom finally splurged on a big jar of almond butter and it has been a vital oat topper the past week! Yuuuum.
Green Coat. Ahhhh my beautiful friend Haylie’s sister didn’t want her green trench coat from Garage and Haylie offered it to me, and I’ve worn it like 3 times in the past week ;p.
Taylor Swift. AHHH I’m seeing Taylor Swift in concert THIS SATURDAY!!! I am so excited and I just can’t hide it.
Working 5 Days a Week. I am really excited to now gave a fixed schedule at work. I’m working Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends. I work at Cora’s Breakfast and am a dance teacher, by the way.
Theology Has Me Reading Non-Stop. You know how everyone says that if you’re in the right university program, you just KNOW? That is definitely resonating with me. I have two theology courses and the rest are electives, and I always diligently do my theology homework and skip ahead in the syllabus, while Spanish and History get procrastinated on. I’ll definitely do a blog post trying go sum up all that I’ve learned and grown even more passionate about soon but yes, I am so happy with my program.
God Bless Always and Happy Tuesday

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