Hey everyone!
So I have to put a trigger warning in this post automatically. I hate that I have to use that word again buy for safety I do. I thought about refraining from these posts but I really need to document the downs in recovery too I think so yeah, I’m gonna still gonna write up this post.
The thing is today, I’ve eaten more than I have in a long time. I think honestly that a lot of that comes from me wanting to eat better on Wednesdays, because I want to showcase a good day of food and a good recovery day to you guys.
Breakfast. I thought I was sleeping in this morning, but Krystal woke me up at 8:30 saying my manager wanted to know if I could come into work. I really am not in a position to pass up hours right now so of course I agreed to go in. I ate a bowl of oatmeal that I forgot to take a photo of, with almond butter, goat yogurt, and cacao.
Lunch. After an easy and chill three hour shift, I had the oatmeal from my work. Yeah, more oatmeal. I really love it, but my friend Haylie reminded me that I might only love it so much because Ed does.
IMG_20150923_141316Snack. I met up with Haylie and Chloe at Starbucks today and had a soy cappuccino.
Sorry for the ugliness of all today's photos ;)
Sorry for the ugliness of all today’s photos 😉

Haylie is one of those amazing people that listens and genuinely cares, so much. You know those people? They’re pretty darn special. She is one of the strongest and wisest people I will ever know and I am forever grateful for her. Chloe is the funniest person I will ever know. She is also so wise, and confident, and caring. We always have an awesome time, and just their company is motivating.
Dinner. I bussed to my night class, Christianity and Global Citizenship, which was so great. I love that prof and the took a lot away from tonight’s lecture, about what it means to be a Christian in such a diverse world. Krystal’s friend Katrina drove me home and we laughed all the drive. I got home at 10:30 and knew I needed more food but could not bring myself to eat anything but oatmeal. I had a bowl with blueberries and cacao powder and took a terrible night photo that I won’t post! Haha ;). After I are that, I began writing this post, and realized how silly I was being– or should I say, Ed was being. I KNOW in my heart that I need more food. I just grabbed some carrots and a few tablespoons of almond butter to end the night. Something that isn’t oatmeal! Today Haylie encouraged me to set a goal for myself, and so I have. Next What I Ate Wednesday, I’m going to try very hard to have a more decent day’s worth of food, and with more diversity. I know I can do that.
We can all do hard things. We can all do hard things.

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