Music. Halsey and the Weekend. I’m also nonstop listening to Jason Aldean oldies. A random other one is Stand By You by Rachel Platten. These are basically my jams for late night study sessions.
Class. At the moment, my favourite class is the one with the same title as my program, called Christianity and Global Citizenship. I’m so engrossed in the material, and have a few incredible friends in the class. The prof is wonderful, too.
Friends. Speaking of those friends, they are two girls I met this year who have already changed my life– Bethany and Maddie. We spent a weekend together at a worship retreat that was unreal.

Wedding. I’m still reminiscing about this past weekend at my beautiful cousins marriage to her high school sweetheart. Kristyn had two moms and two dads, and has always talked about having felt the strong separations of those families. Her speech was about how important all four families are to her, and how this wedding was the first time she didn’t feel as if everyone was separate. Needless to say I was emotional. I am lucky to be really close with all my cousins on both my mom and dad’s side.

Mantra. Ah. I went to a new church last night called the Embassy, and I can’t explain how incredible it was. It was just for youth and is held in a night club, and over a hundred people were in attendance. Modern Christian music was the case of the worship, and the pastor, age 23 and dressed like Sam Hunt does, preached about how every Single square moment of life is to be lived for God. I was in tears singing along and felt 200% unashamed of my faith. I allowed the Lord to move and touch me, and there are no words to explain how he did just that. And, I thought again, when I doubt and when I hate and when I sin, that loving presence that moved me to tears never leaves.
Jewelry. I’m obsessed with rings lately! Maybe because I just got length on my nails for the first time, haha 😉 but I just love them.
Books. I’m reading a few right now! One is the classic Jane Eyre which I’m reading for my fiction class, and I’m still working on the third book in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, which is amazing! I’m also reading a book called Belonging for my Christian studies class, which is beautiful.
Food. I don’t think in all the time I’ve done top ten Tuesdays this has ever changed but basically I sat oatmeal in abundance with various toppings. It’s becoming way too much of a safe food and I recognize that but I also really enjoy it but it’s contributing to me not consuming nearly enough in a day so…yeah, I have to work on a lot in therapy.
TV Show. I went through and watched every Masterchef I could find on YouTube! Well I guess that’s not true, not every one, but one per morning for four days. Ok so four episodes. That’s a lot for a uni student!
Sleep. Ah I have found I need more sleep than ever and that I get LESS sleep than ever. Funny how that works! I fell literally asleep in theology today.
Speaking of sleep, I get to go do that now. And sleep in as long as I want.
Life is good. Even when it’s not,remember that life is good.

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