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Today’s Top Ten is all about my top moments of the summer. This was truly difficult to put together, as I was doing awesome things every day! But here’s what I decided on.
McKibbons Bar in Montreal. I used my best friend’s ID ten minutes after she got into the bar because I was a few months under legal and had an amazing night. Got really drunk against Ed’s wishes and hung with amazing French boys and had a drunk theology talk with a friend. It was good.
Night Talks on the Lake. Krystal and I sat out at my favourite spot in the entire world at my cottage every single night we were there after dinner to watch the sun go down and tell each other everything that was on our minds. While Montreal was crazy and spontaneous, this was routine, but still needed.
Sammy’s Party. Just maybe three weeks ago Sammy had an awesome party with awesome people to end the summer and it’s crazy how many of them I’ve grown up with that I don’t see everyday anymore. I had such a good time that night.
Stargazing with my Best Friends. A few times this summer, Jake, Daniella, Kodie, and I ventured to stargaze, but the main one I will never forget was on the top of Mclennan Hill. We were all freezing and huddled under blankets but still talked for hours and the universe and society and fears and dreams and smallness. It was unreal. That, to me, is life.
Downtown Nashville. Agh, I could not get enough of this city! The best part of the entire trip for me was each time I walked along the main strip. Music blaring everywhere, people drinking their problems away, every person wearing cowboy hats or boots and plaid flannels… I felt so at home.
Holiday Beach with Sara. Sara and I had a few beach days, and while this was the smallest and least exotic one we went to, it’s one of my best memories. We did yoga on the beach and I remember having thought I already knew her inside and out, but ended up learning so much more about her that day. We laughed so much.
I care so, so much about Sara and how she's doing. I know it's very positive when she's eating lots and thinking positively, and I remind myself that she wants the same for me.
Date Weekend. At the beginning of the summer I went on a few dates in one weekend with three different guys! It was really empowering to be able to go out and have fun and not be stressed about ties. I think it’s important for every girl to have a period like that in her lifetime. They were all memorable dates too!;)
Timmies Hookup. Ahh. No one but my bestest friend Daniella could understand this night. We had a just a really emotional conversation in a tim Hortons parking lot at 2 in the morning and forever refer to it as the timmies Hookup. I think we’d just come back from a party or something and all this stuff just came out and we made these connections and I know this doesn’t make any sense but believe me it was magic.
Bonfire/Pool Party at Josh’s. We had several nights at my friend Josh’s House, no alcohol involved. Just sitting around a fire, talking, making lifelong inside jokes. It was awesome. The one night everyone seemed to be there and we bbqed and swam and stayed around the fire till we couldn’t keep our eyes open, literally just enjoying each other’s company.
The people in my life made my summer. Actually, they make my every day.

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