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Hey guys! If you read my last post, you know that I am loving uni, and today is no different. Everything is so new and exciting and ME. Here are my current favs!
Atmosphere. I’m currently taking a little “me” time in a cute cafe on my campus to blog. I think it’s so important to take yourself on dates. Every single person I talked to has been so helpful, genuinely kind, and mature.
Starbucks on Campus. Yeah. My friend Laura just had her first latte yesterday because of me, and has now had three starbucks drinks in two days. We’ve been tied at the hip so far! But I think this Starbucks may be dangerous for my budget.IMG_20150907_142325Class. Classes don’t start until Thursday, but I’m most looking forward to my Bible Studies Class. There are two amazing girls, Sarah and Shae-Lynn, who went to my high school who are also in that class! I was also so excited to find out that there are two other first years in my program! We’re all so like-minded it’s incredible.
Friend. Laura Seibel and I have been friends for half our lives through dance but have always hung out in groups. We’ve already gravitated to each other in the past few days, and I can see us hanging out together a lot. She’s an amazing person.

Laura's beside me on the left.
Laura’s beside me on the left.

Boys. They’re sweet, and mature, and hot. I’ve met and started talking to so many incredible people!
Time on the Bus. I have an hour bus trip every morning, which I’ve been using for reading, writing, and so many other productive things. It’s my me time and I love it.
Playlist. I’ve been listening to the Weeknd and Halsey. Nonstop. Seriously amazing artists.
Concert. Tonight Down with Webster is playing on my campus, and I’m going to Hamilton tomorrow to see Dallas Smith!! Ahhh, so exciting!
Colour. Fun Fact; we were put into groups for frosh, and my colour is red.
Happy Back to School Season! Make the most of all of it guys.

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