Good morning guys! I am so excited that September is upon us. It’s crazy to be on Instagram and see so many people starting spring as we start fall! Happy spring to those of you on other worlds!
Today’s Top Ten is a little fall-inspired, because there’s newness in the air.
Bedroom Reno. I have been working on simplifying and “de-cluttering” my room all summer, and it’s finally coming together with photos of memories and colours and prints that represent me. I’ve been treating my websites like work now, and working out of my bedroom is a pleasure when it’s clean. 
Study Spots. Last week I went out to my university, Wilfred Laurier, to explore and find my classes, and it made me so much more excited for school to start. This is my life and my education and I get to spend it studying the Bible and enriching not only my own faith, but others’, and I could not be more excited. I found some cute places to meet up with friends, the most important being the on-campus Starbucks.
Pumpkin Spice. AH! Pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Starbucks lattes. I love the smells, the leaves, and this time of year.
New YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR44y-edtSbS4UMVW0uHgcQ.  I am SO excited to be YouTubing, and am having so much fun with it. It’s further enriching my recovery and I hope I can become a lot better at creating videos.
Burgundy & “Mouldy Lemon.” I absolutely love these colours, especially for fall, and have been filling my wardrobe with them. And I don’t think the “mouldy lemon” colour is mouldy-lemony at all, but my best friend Daniella can’t seem to stop hating on it.
Birthday Coming Up. My birthday is in October and I’m turning 18! Just a month and a half left to be a teenager.

My mom loves baking for our birthdays.
My mom loves baking for our birthdays.

Quest Bars. Ouf. I haven’t had Quest in so long, but the other day I stopped by GNC and couldn’t resist buying two boxes. I hoard them without eating them, but I’m going to try and have one today. For the record, I got DCC and CCCD.
Breakfast Dates. I have a breakfast date with Sara in about an hour, actually, and one with Haylie and Chloe tomorrow! Of all dates, cute breakfast places are my favourite.
Late Nights. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, which might have something to do with all the late nights I’ve been having. While I love waking up early and starting the day right, I love staying out late with friends when it’s dark and the whole world is sleeping. There’s nothing more important than experiencing a 2 am abandoned road with the people you love.
Shake It Off Mantra. In all honesty, I have had A LOT going on lately. It’s personal stuff, but it’s adding up and stressing me out. I keep reminding myself that the lows only make the highs more meaningful, and so I will shake any hard times right off.

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