TOP TEN TUESDAY: Cottage Life Part 2

Greetings Again from the most beautiful place in the world!‎
New Hike. My uncle came up to visit us a few days ago. He works for IBM as an inventor of sorts, and thus he is constantly travelling the whole globe. He has truly been practically everywhere.

The day he came to the cottage, he took my sisters and I for a long hike, at the end of which we ended up on the other side of our lake.

The hike took place from one end of these trees to the other.
The hike took place from one end of these trees to the other.
We sat high up on a cliff on the most perfectly sunny day, our legs dangling high above the crystal clear lake. Since I was really young, I’ve been asking Uncle Matt annoying questions about the places he travels to.
I’m seventeen, and nothing’s changed.
“Uncle Matt, where’s the most beautiful lake you’ve ever seen?”
He didn’t hesitate. “Right here,” he said, “I’ve been to countless freshwater lakes, but nothing is quite like Papineau.”
Again, I revert back to the fact that unimaginable beauty can be found in the most normal seeming places. Combermere, Ontario is virtually unheard of, but I will never stop appreciating its beauty, and it will forever be my haven, my favourite place in the world. Uncle Matt is in his mid fifties, and, like my mom and oma, he always feels better at the cottage. I dream of taking a group of friends here in the near future, showing them my favourite places and discovering new ones with them. Then one day, a boyfriend or husband, and kids, maybe. I don’t dwell on what won’t or will become of my life, but today is pretty great.
New Book. I am on to the second in the series, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and gosh, I haven’t been so in love with a trilogy since The Hunger Games.
New Traditions. We always have a late meal up here, usual around 8 pm. We spend over an hour talking, and by the time we’re finished, it’s dark, and the sky is a canvas for the stars we can’t see at home. Every single night this trip, my sister Krystal and I have sat outside in my favourite spot and talked, sometimes for hours, watching the stars. Ah, it’s been blessed.
New Story. I’d always known that my grandparents had honeymooned here at the cottage, but had never heard the whole story. Apparently they had been greeted with an unexpected snow storm and been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a cottage a little further down the beach, by a couple whose granddaughters we now know. I love hearing about the history here.
Old Story. Up until I was maybe eleven or twelve, I spent a lot of my cottage days “baking” sand pies. I’d take orders from each member of my family, and refer to recipes I’d created that used different types, colours, and amounts of sand to make the asked for dessert. I’d serve them in Frisbees or buckets, and my exceptional parents would pretend to eat them.
New and Abused Food. Both my parents think corn on the cob is the best thing in the entire world. I’d take it or leave it, but was also a little fearful of it this year. Last night I had a full cob with chicken for dinner.
New Perspective. I’ve always been extremely anxious at the thought of a day spent without doing something specific. Rather, a day solely devoted to reading, swimming, and hiking was selfish. If I wasn’t spending time with other people or working on something that would benefit someone or something, I was wasting a day.
This isn’t the case at all. While I enjoy being busy and experiencing new things and adventuring and not knowing what’s next, a week taken to slow down and lean back with my family has been vital. It sets my head in order to charge whatever is next.
New Timing. I also am not a sleeping-in type. Throughout most of this summer, I’ve been getting maybe four hours of sleep each night. But that really does catch up with a person, and on average at the cottage I’ve gone to bed at 1 and woken at 10:30.
New Places. I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned this, but in the following years I’ll be doing a lot of travelling for school, preaching in Africa, South America, and parts of Asia. I definitely plan to document these travels! Travelling is definitely not something I could devote my life to, and I have a great appreciation for anyone that can, but I get easily homesick. A few weeks here and there to help others in the ways I feel most able? That’s my kind of travelling.
New Horizons. As I mentioned yesterday, my Instagram is no longer being stupid, so I will be posting there regularly within the next week, in addition to blogging and weekly YouTube videos! To receive notifications about my blog posts, be sure to follow me on this website. My Instagram is primarily food and recipe photography, and my YouTube will be vlogs, rants, recipes, and more.

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