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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Current Cottage Culture

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Current Cottage Culture
eing at my cottage makes me breathe more peacefully and think more clearly. It opens my mind to dream outside boxes and set wilder goals and free myself of chains. I will never be able to explain the impact this place has on me.
After all that, here is what’s occupying my time and mind.
Books. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! My mom bought these for me, and they are huge and intelligent novels. I’m engrossed. This is how I’m spending much of my time! IMG_20150817_155450Drink. Diet Coke. I dropped this unhealthy addiction a few months ago, but have picked it back up again. Oh well, I’ll get rid of it again somehow.IMG_20150813_161340
Food that Never Gets Old. Oatmeal. It has been a tradition since I was first born to have two large meals at the cottage. The past three visits have not been that way for me. For brunch, we always dine on a huge bowl of fruit that my opa loves chopping, oatmeal, eggs, bacon, and bread. I haven’t eaten any of this the past three visits, and instead measure and prepare my own oatmeal, usually with blueberries, cacao, maple syrup, and peanut butter. I will one day get back to enjoying the normal meal.
Tradition. Cottage Music Video. My sisters and I love making these! I will be posting our new one on my channel in about a week, but for now, go enjoy this one from two years ago.
Mood. Finally Relaxed. I have been so stressed about so many different things the past little while. I feel incredibly out of control in a lot of areas of my life lately, which has definitely impacted my eating disorder voices. Here, I am truly relaxed, or at least trying to be. Getting away from everyone and everything is therapeutic. Person. Lydia. I have known this girl since I was three years old, and she is really like our fourth sister. All three of us are so close with her. Her cottage is right beside ours, and we have been exploring, swimming, boating, and playing together all our summers. She lives in Richmond, VA, so we only get to see her up here, and, sadly this year, only for one night. But we had an amazing time togetherIMG_20150815_214909_edit
Thought. Size of the Trees. ¬†Every year, the height and stature of the beautiful trees surrounding our property amazes me. It is so humbling, I think, to know that each day, as I go about my life, the trees here grow and change and thrive. And they have been for many, many years before my existence, back when my mom had her first summer here and even when my oma had her first summer here, and they will for many years after me. I already dream about summers with my children and husband and Lydia’s children, laughing and telling them about all the memories from when ai was their age.IMG_20150817_160819
Memory. Beach Carnivals. My sisters, Lydia, and Lydia’s friend from home, now our friend, too, named Virginia, hosted a carnival for two summers in a row. We sent invitations around the lake and hosted different events, like frog races, minute movies, obstacle courses, sandcastles contests, and a haunted house in our boathouse. The idea came from my mom and Lydia’s mom, who had put on carnivals when they were kids, too. We put hours of effort into a big concert as well, singing and dancing and writing skits that we performed on the beach. Honestly, this is probably my greatest memory.
Blessing. Most incredible family. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful group of people to call my family. My parents, sisters, and grandparents are such remarkable people, and we have such a good time together.
Devotion. You can feel God everywhere up here. I always leave my cottage feeling closer to God and having grown in my relationship and faith. The opportunities for prayer seem endless and the sky seems to be full of Him.
This is forever my favourite place in the world, and I can’t wait to share it with even more of the people I love.

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