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Bonjour! Ca va?
I somehow ended up in Montreal between last time I updated yall and now! My best friend Sam is an incredibly spontaneous girl, and she asked me on Monday to join her on a visit to see our friend Emma in Montreal, QC. Thus, my current top ten is a little travel inspired!
Music. For the long journey, we all took turns with the aux cord. Justin and Ryan, the boys that came with us, played a lot of edm, which I really liked.

We left Kitchener at 4:30 am and arrived at Emma's apartment at 1:00 pm!
We left Kitchener at 4:30 am and arrived at Emma’s apartment at 1:00 pm!

Restaurant. When we arrived and settled, Emma immediately suggest food! She took us to her favourite breakfast place, called Ben and Florentino. It was adorable and delicious.
I got a skillet of some sort.
I got a skillet of some sort.

Clothes. Oh my goodness. The fashion sense here is painful to see, because as don’t have enough money to buy anything! We went to a HUGE mall downtown, and tried on lots of clothes… no purchases.
IMG_20150811_162815_editMood. Happy, content, but a little on edge. Yesterday, we all planned to go out to a bar at night, but I freaked out at the last minute about the alcohol. The only person I felt comfortable to tell that to was Sam, and she was extremely understanding, as she always is. I told her not to wreck her own fun of course, so she took the guys and her friend Laurie, who lives in Montreal as well, to a bar. Emma wasn’t feeling well, so we had girl talk at the apartment. This is just an example of what an eating disorder can do.
Language. I don’t know how else to categorize this, but I had to talk about my obsession with the way of speaking here! When we first entered Quebec and I heard the first “merci,” I flipped out. I’ve been trying to speak as much French as possible, though I’ve been getting laughed at.
Emma was so excited to see us, and we were so excited to see her.
Emma was so excited to see us, and we were so excited to see her.

Weather. In Kitchener and Montreal alike, it has been extremely rainy, which I have been loving! Rain is usually my favourite weather, to be honest.
Jealousy. A lot of my friends went to Boots and Hearts, a giant country music festival about two hours north of Kitchener. It looked amazing! For more info on that, be sure to visit my beautiful best friend Sara’s blog, who inspires me every day.
Revelation. Everyone truly is very different, and that is something to be celebrated! I’ve been talking a lot with Justin and Ryan, who have extremely different views from my own, but who are very set in those ways. I love when people get passionate about their beliefs.
Current Endeavor. We are off to St. Catherine’s today, where we will be exploring what Emma says is a beautiful downtown strip! But right now, I’m still lazing in bed with my girls and my pj’s after a much needed 12 hour sleep.
Challenge. Travelling is not something I’m usually “good” at. I get home sick and yearn for familiarity, but I am working hard to just enjoy my time and expand my horizons!

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