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MOTIVATION MONDAY: The Beauty In Your Own Life

MOTIVATION MONDAY: The Beauty In Your Own Life

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to talk about something I think is very important, and that’s finding the beauty in the life you lead.
It is very easy, I think, to get caught up in comparisons. We compare our lives to lives we see on Instagram, to people who travel and have lots of money and clothes and appear to be society’s version of “successful.”¶ms=OAFIAVgC&v=959AyCH0mTQ&mode=NORMAL
Essena Onneil is, in my opinion, an incredible role model. Her above video captures so much of what I’m thinking about self love and comparisons.
Everyone we compare ourselves to has flaws, insecurities, and struggles. Everything we see online is edited. Every “life” we think is cooler, better, or more put together than our own has its own marks or scars.
The solution to this mind game is motivating ourselves to fall in love with our own lives. And that is not difficult.
Invest significant time into something you love. For me, that’s blogging. And planning dance lessons. And outfit ideas. And reading. And exploring coffee shops. I invest true time every single day to better these things, and my passions only grow.
Explore your own home! I have recently become obsessed with falling in love with Kitchener, a place that can often seem boring. In reality, I am so blessed to live here. Last night I explored a new church and found myself very emotional, thanks to Sara’s mom and step dad. In addition, Sara and I discovered that beach nearby a few weeks ago. Take a second glance at your home. You’ve only got one right now.
Find your own version of “Tumblr.” It’s easy to compare our lives to those we see online. Again, these are edited. “Prettified.” People know what you want to see, and they cater their content toward that. Make your life everything YOU want it to be by unplugging, and rediscovering your own loves.
Sometimes that means shopping in a store full of cute clothes and pulling out dorky sunglasses just cuz.

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